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A top California Democrat who backed Republican gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder warned Tuesday that the next generation of the Golden State would suffer if the ruling party was successful in reversing the recall.

Former State Sen. Gloria Romero told Granthshala News that education is a top issue for her because of her upbringing. She is the daughter of a mother who was educated in class VI, who later went on to earn her Ph.D. and chair the state Senate Education Committee.


“To me, education is a civil rights issue, and there are over 6 million children in the public school system in California, especially,” she said, lamenting the percentage of minority children in the state who are unable to math and read. Huh. grade-level standard.

He said, “And now they are trying to teach our youth that two plus two is not even equal to four. For me I believe that it is the choice of school that breaks the chains of poverty.”

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If incumbent Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom prevailed, Romero said, California would continue its decline in “same old, same old” fashion.

“And I’m a Democrat. I’ve personally seen hostage-takers in Sacramento, taking political hostages. I’ve seen, personally, whether it was by humble campaign contributions, the outside influence of how policy is written, ” He said. said. “Basically no budget is set without the input of the CTA (California Teachers Association). So what happens is basically like Groundhog Day – except when it comes to our school kids it’s a very serious negative effect.”

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He continued, “As a Democrat, I am really disappointed in a Democratic Party that claims to stand up for the rights of minorities. [and] working class community and, yet, it fails on the issue most important to us: education.”

Romero said Newsom would likely be encouraged to reopen California schools, and remain on the whim of “special interests running the show” at the state capitol.

The former Senate leader said rank-and-file teachers in his state are not necessarily going to have such a large proportion of his union outstanding left-wing political efforts, adding that the recall vote is an opportunity to break the “system.”

“I couldn’t find any stronger voice than Larry the Elder, who really survived and is an eloquent speaker on the need for school choice,” she said.