Former Los Angeles Instagram models Julia Rose and YouTuber Jack Tenney were among six people arrested on Monday for replacing California’s iconic Hollywood sign for reading “HollyBob”.

Julia Rose, who was banned from social media platforms last year and former YouTube star Jake Paul, told Granthshala News on Tuesday that she had met Tenney through a friend and checked her channel.

Tenny and his “Joogsquad” had previously gained widespread attention for him “Megalodon Shark Prank” In Florida, and Rose said she partially determined he was the man for the job.


“It’s been six months [in the making]… There were many different forms of thought, a bunch of different waves, a lot of trial and error, and – you know – it took so long to get to the point that we felt confident with our plan, ” Tenney said. After going twice and trying to do it again and actually put it off… “

Tenney went from Florida to California twice for two weeks to oversee the project.

He Noted that Hollywood sign website Had helped to make the stunt possible by providing the team of affected with the exact dimensions of each letter.

“So, we can make our ‘Bs’ the exact size of ‘Os’. It used to help a lot,” said Tenney.

Using a covered double stroller, the group pushed the wire up the Griffith Park hill and jumped the fence. He had changed the sign within 30 minutes.

Both the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) officers and Griffith Park Rangers were waiting for him.

Tenny reported that Granthshala News was “confident” that they were going to be arrested, but that they needed to do everything to succeed in their pursuit.

LAPD Captain Steve Lurie told KTLA On Monday that personnel inspected the group at 1:15 pm PT before the scene of a police chopper on surveillance.

The incident can be classified as vandalism “because the sign was not damaged,” he said. According to the los angeles times.

The Times also reported that the police presence would be increased for several days due to the incident.

“Hours ago, a group attempted vandalism on the Hollywood sign. Los Angeles landmarks are priceless for us @LAPDHollywood and it was uncool (not to mention the locality is quite difficult and dangerous),” Lurie tweeted did. “Hollywood patrol officers have arrested all six individuals.”

Six involved – whose names were not immediately released publicly – were allegedly raped and The Hollywood Reporter said Since then the sign has become normal.

“The police did that … they let us cooperate. They were great. They made the process really easy,” Tenney said.

“So, I’ll just have to give a shout out to the Hollywood police and the LAPD. They were too quick to catch us. You know, they immediately sent the helicopter. But, they didn’t put themselves in harm’s way.” Said. “They did everything they could to stop us from hurting ourselves, and they were extremely helpful through the whole process. So, it was always appreciated.”

After her arrest, Rose tweeted Monday evening that she had just been released from prison.

“[Just] Came out of jail …. wbu[?]”Rose said Embed Tweet.

in a post Earlier in the day, who received more than 9,500 likes, Rose wrote that he “finally set the Hollywood sign.”

Soon after his Monday night tweet, Rose shared a Tiktok, in which he is seen leading from the area in handcuffs by officers from the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD).

She Also retweeted Tenny, who Joycequad was actively posting on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tickcock and YouTube accounts.

“We said that ** s t!” Tenny wrote in a tweet, Also tweeting photos Her arrest with the caption: “Last boob job.”

In A, Tenny told his 5.57 million followers that he and Rose worked together to “prank the entire California state”.

In an Instagram story posted on Tuesday morning, Tenney wrote that her followers “don’t know what’s going on,” and tagged YouTuber Skummy Servant What else saw in the account of realtor Rick Steiermann. In his story, Diner tagged Tucker Hennessy – who had Also posted Picture of his arrest.

Whereas from the initial report TMZ While the group had said that the authorities pulled the stunt to raise awareness about breast cancer, Tenney and Rose said they had a different motive.

“The reason I wanted to do that was because I wanted to get Adam Mosseri’s attention,” Rose reported. “I really believe that censorship is a hard fight right now and I think, you know, my personal and business account had more than five million followers deactivated, though … I think I am doing more secure content than Playboy. “[That}IwantedtogetAdamMosseri’sattention”Roseexplained”IreallytrulybelievethatcensorshipisanuphillbattlerightnowandIdothinkthatyouknowmypersonalandbusinessaccountwithoverfivemillionfollowerswasdisabledeventhoughIfeellikeferfercontentofferikecontentboyfer[that}IwantedtogetAdam Mosseri’sattention”Roseexplained”IreallytrulybelievethatcensorshipisanuphillbattlerightnowandIdothinkthatyouknowmypersonalandbusinessaccountwithoverfivemillionfollowerswasdisabledeventhoughIfeellikeI’mdoingsafercontentthanPlayboy”

Rose is the founder of Shug Mag, an adult magazine that offers Instagram models.

While raising awareness for breast cancer was not their objective, the two told Granthshala News that they were happy.

However, while he stated that the highest response in the prank has been positive and not everyone was happier than he thought.

In a Granthshala News statement, Hollywood Sign Trust President Mark Pantier praised both the LAPD and the Griffith Park Rangers for their assistance.

“Through the efforts of the LAPD’s Hollywood Division and the Park Rangers at Griffith Park, the signal’s security and surveillance system prevented vandalism today,” he said.

“It is unfortunate that there are those who think that modifying the sign is a good game, but this famous icon should be appreciated and not demolished.”

Rose said he felt that the critics were “always going to be whatever you’re trying to accomplish.”

Tenney said his main goal was to make people laugh without causing harm or damage to property.

“And, we are able to pursue censorship and this is a real issue with Julia and I have raised some issues with my YouTube channel as well,” he commented. “Therefore, whatever we do, we always want to make sure that we put a positive spin on it.”

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“We’re never trying to upset anyone, make anyone mad. It’s all in mild humor … You know, what’s up with Julia, we’re going to pursue censorship as well Trying, ”concluded Tenney.

This is not the first time individuals have attempted to replace a 98-year-old landmark.

In 2017, artist Zach Fernandez changed the sign to read “Holyweed” and in 1987 It said “holy wood” Ahead of a visit from the Pope.