Former manager of Fernando Alonso commented on F1 star’s recovery

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    Flavio Briatore, former team boss and driver manager of Fernando Alonso, has assured Formula 1 fans that Alonso will be ready to race in the season-open Bahrain Grand Prix on 28 March.

    Slightly distancing himself from his usual bombings, Briatore appeared in a video posted on YouTube by veteran journalist Peter Windsor.

    When asked about Fernando Alonso, Briatore replied: “I told Fernando that he needed to stop with this bike. These bikes are very dangerous!”

    Alonso asked to stop the bicycle

    Flavio did not take it back when his orders for his drivers arrived: “I tell (if they) if you don’t stop with the bike, I’ll lock you in the garage! Not the bike, I’ll lock you Will do it. ” In the garage! “

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    Briatore raved about Alonso. Their pairing ended Schumacher’s five title races when Alonso won the match in 2005, with Renault as the team’s principal, Burett. “Fernando is very fit, very motivated. Unfortunately, it happened – his accident – but today and tomorrow, he was in Lugano and running again, he’s fine.”

    “I believe he is ready for the first test, you know, for the race.”

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    Asked that often when Alonso had a problem talking with his jaw injury, Briotore’s decision was a positive one: “No, no, no, he’s talking very well, any problem.” No – the problem was here … “pointing to his front tooth said,”He Break two teeth here, but was very lucky ”.

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    Fernando Alonso is making a comeback after Formula 1, during which he competed at the World Endurance Championship for Toyota, where he won the championship. Alonso will now drive for the newly named Alpine F1 team, formerly Renault, where he took both of his world titles.

    Published on 22 February 2021, 20:15 CET

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