Former WWE Superstars Reveal as Transgender

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    Former WWE Superstar Gabby Tufts, known as the SmackDown star and Kurt Hawkins’ tag team partner, Tyler Reeks, has appeared as a transgender woman.

    In 2012, Tuft departed the WWE world to spend more time with his wife Priscilla and daughter, Mia, who he shared. After leaving WWE, the Toft family launched their own fitness company and an app called “Body Spartan”.

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    A post shared by Gab Toft (@gabetuft)

    Gabbi publicly announced her status as a transgender woman and received full support from her wife Priscilla in this huge stage of her life. Gabbi made this disclosure before an appearance on the American TV program Extra Yesterday (February 5).

    On the subject of the former WWE talent’s television appearance, the press release stated.

    “Gabbi to share her thrilling story of gender change from former WWE A fun and fabulous woman for superstars, bodybuilders, fitness gurus, motivational speakers and motorcycle racers. She He is finally free and ready to rule his world. This is a story that wrestling and other sports fans, friends and followers should not miss, especially in the LGBTQ community dealing with a number of challenging transgender issues that Gabbi and Priscilla are ready to help. “

    Former WWE Superstars are counting the announcement on their Instagram account

    See this post on Instagram

    A post shared by Gab Toft (@gabetuft)

    On social media, Gabby Tufts is sharing photos documenting the countdown announced earlier today. On January 26, 10 days before she came out, Gabbi posted a photo on her Instagram page which captioned the following:

    “The next 10 days marked the beginning of the most monumental countdown of my life. Until now, and on very few occasions, I thought I fully understood my purpose in this human experience. I was each wrong in the past. With each occasion barely missing the mark – and now I know why. As I build each chapter of my life onto the next, it is clear that it is the cumulative sum of my experiences and knowledge that has given me This has led to demerit … … in the last pages of this incredible opus. On Friday, February 5, 2021, I will close the book of my life, and make a new beginning. I will give you this day each day. As I invite, I will post a photo in the next ten days. Each photo is an art work that depicts an aspect of WHO I love, and the objects that I am in this existence I cherish most. “

    The full press release on Gabbi’s awesome revelations is available here.

    Published 05 February 2021 02:31 AM


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