Former WWE Writer Reveals Why Chyna Killed Chris Jericho at 2000 Royal Rumble [Exclusive]

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    Former WWE writer Vince Russo has opened up on Chris Jericho’s treatment at the 2000 Royal Rumble. Specifically, why it was Chyna that ended him.

    In the latest episode of SK Wrestling’s Off the SKrip, the former WWE writer and creative went into detail on why they think Y2J was eliminated from the Rumble the way it was. Russo believes this was an attempt to upset the superstar, as he had links with both Russo and Ed Ferrara, who had since left to join rival promotion WCW.

    Here’s what Vince Russo said on this issue:

    “What he did to Jericho was exactly what you and I talked about last week, and is exactly what Jericho has documented. Jericho says he was considered” our boy “when we left. Used to go and he took big steps backwards, and you see that right here. We’re just left in September, it’s January. The person the woman (Chyna) finishes is Jericho and then, hurt. To add insult to, he ends up right after that. It was all about the woman finishing Jericho. They are so young with stuff like that, they never change. They always like this Are. “

    Vince Russo says that Chyna should have eliminated more stars from the Royal Rumble

    While it may seem to some that Russo is criticizing Chyna, he explains that it would have been a completely different situation when Star would have eliminated more wrestlers from Rumble.

    “I love Chyna to death, and she looked great! … Now, if he had gone and finished other people, or even one other person, as soon as he did Finished him, he finished. So that was all about Chita. Excluding Jericho from the Royal Rumble. “

    You can find Dr. at the link below. Watch the full clip between Chris Featherstone and Vince Russo:

    If any quotes from this interview are used, please give H / T to SK Wrestling.

    Published 07 Feb 2021 23:27 IST

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