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Four people, including a mother and her daughter, have been shot and killed in a small Ohio town.

Butler Township police were called to the 7200 block of Hardwick Place at around 11:30 a.m. on information about the shooting. The Butler Township Police Department wrote that when they arrived at the scene, they found four victims suffering gunshot wounds at several crime sites. in a facebook post,


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All four died on the spot. Two of the victims were reportedly a mother and her 15-year-old daughter.

Police are looking for 39-year-old Stephen Marlowe as a person interested in the deaths. He is described as 5 foot-11 and weighs 160 pounds with short brown hair. He was last seen wearing shorts and a yellow T-shirt.

Stephen Marlow's vehicle is a 2007 white Ford Edge SUV with license plate number JES 9806.

Police Chief John Porter said Marlowe is likely driving a white 2007 Ford Edge SUV with an Ohio license plate JES-9806.

Officials do not believe there are any more threats going on in the neighborhood at this time, but the crew will continue to monitor the area in case Marlowe returns.

The names of the victims have not been disclosed, and it is unclear what led to the shootings.