Fox News owner Fox Corp reveals that 90% of staff are fully vaccinated

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A new memo from Fox News owner Fox Corp reports that 90 percent of its full-time employees are currently vaccinated against the coronavirus, despite many of the network’s top celebrities routinely undermining the vaccine effort .

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CNN’s Oliver Darcy shared the memo on Twitter.

This information has been received from Fox Corp’s head of human resources, Kevin Lord.


Fox Corp. previously encouraged employees to voluntarily report their vaccination status, but implemented a mandatory reporting system in mid-August.

According to Mr Lord, “90 percent of full-time employees reported that they have been fully vaccinated,” and daily COVID-19 testing for unvaccinated employees will begin soon.

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Those numbers raise questions about whether Fox News’ most outspoken stars – many of whom regularly criticize the vaccine and praise unproven alternatives – have taken up a coronavirus vaccine.

Tucker Carlson avoided the question whenever he was asked. Once Carlson was asked if he had been vaccinated, he replied by saying that he would not ask the interviewer “any such obscene personal questions” because he is a “submissive person”.

She also recently praised rapper Nicki Minaj, who tweeted a questionable cautionary tale about her cousin’s friend in Trinidad suffering from vaccine side effects, urging her followers to “pray” that they get the vaccine. should or not.

In a segment in which Fox News host Greg Gutfeld criticized his network’s COVID-19 protocol, he acknowledged that he had been vaccinated and said he believed most of his fellow employees were too.

“We are hypocrites when we are giving our advice on this,” he said. “Because we’ve all, I believe, been vaccinated. Some of us have gotten COVID and have been vaccinated, which essentially makes you superhuman.”

As Delta Edition began to tear through communities, Sean Hannity – another prominent Fox News star – advised his viewers to take the virus seriously and consult with their doctors about whether they should get the vaccine. Media outlets reported that Hannity was suddenly pro-vaccine, which he later went back on saying that he was not advocating for a vaccine, but instead advocating that people do their own research and ask their doctors. talk.

Laura Ingraham has long been critical of the vaccine effort, particularly mandating that workers be forced to choose between getting the shot and losing their jobs. She has also been a proponent of unproven coronavirus treatments such as hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin.

However, not all Fox News hosts have been skeptical of the vaccine. Doug Ducey has long been a supporter of vaccines. during an exchange fox and friends, host Lawrence Jones explained that critics of the vaccine were asking “If you’re not going back to normal, why get the vaccine? What’s the point of doing it? Why?”

Doosy replied “Well, you won’t die. That’s a good reason.”

However, the host’s pro-vaccine stance on Fox News was not challenged. When he pointed out that most of the people who died from the resurgence of COVID-19 had not been vaccinated, host Brian Kilmeade replied “It’s his choice.”

Ducey, Gutfeld, and hosts Bill Hemmer, Dana Perino, Brett Baer, ​​and the network’s founder Rupert Murdoch, have all been vaccinated.

Granthshala Fox has sought comment.


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