Frank Turner “breaks” livestream gigs after raising more than £ 250k for independent venues

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    “Looks like their wells of energy and creativity are running low for these shows”

    Frank Turner has decided to keep his livestreamed gig fundraiser to focus on his own project.

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    The singer-songwriter has performed a number of lower-level sets during the coronovirus crisis to help on the ground when needed.

    Now, Turner has revealed that around £ 250,000 has been raised by fans in his Independent Venue Love (IVL) stream and that he will cast just one more time before taking a break.

    Announcing this week’s benefit for The Lexington in London on Thursday (25 February), Turner wrote in a blog post: “I have decided that it is time to stop the show again.

    “Like the last time I did it, it seems that my wellspring of energy and creativity are running low for these shows, and I want to focus on other things for the time being (I want to keep my studio focused on other things Finishing the middle]I’m working on a new album, and I’m planning how to move forward when the lockdown becomes easier in the UK). “

    Frank Turner (Picture: Getty)

    The musician said the venues still needed support and highlighted the #SaveOurVenues campaign of the music venue Trust.

    “Obviously, independent places need help; Obviously I spend the bulk of my career in small rooms and under the country (and around the world), where a few hundred people can gather together and drown in underground music and culture; And obviously, if I can help, I will. It seems that at least I can.

    “More than that, however, it has given me structure and routine, two things that I need in my life to keep myself mentally identical.

    “Many people have told me that regular Thursday night gatherings, such as ersatz, can be helpful to them. To which I can only say, ‘I know what you mean, guys. . ‘

    Turner will play his final livestream in Lexington on Thursday with his wife Jess Guise to open the night and choose their setlist.

    In other news, large live events, jigs and nightclubs could make a full comeback in England from 21 June if the government’s roadmap goes out of lockdown.

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