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A woman tied to her dog was pulled over and killed on Monday when a BART train began leaving a San Francisco station with the dog inside the train and the woman stepped onto the platform, officials said.

The victim, Amy Adams, 41, was on the platform of the Powell Street station with her dog’s leash attached to her waist around 3:16 a.m. when the couple boarded the train.


However, at the last second, officials said, she got off as the doors were closed, but the dog did not.

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Adams is seen waving at someone, Bart’s officer. famous. The train left the station with the dog still on, causing Adams to be dragged and pulled onto the track.

Officials said there was no visible indication that the dog was a service animal, but the incident is being investigated.

BART allows service dogs on leash or harness on trains, while all other animals, including non-service dogs, must be in carriers, says Granthshala 2 of the Bay Area informed of.

Powell Street station remained closed for about two hours but was later reopened.

According to Granthshala 2, “It was a rough evening,” said Heather Griffin, a local resident at the station after the incident. “Apart from all the traffic issues.”

Officials said BART police reviewed surveillance footage and interviewed witnesses.

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“This is a tragic loss of life, and we are following all safety protocols,” BART spokeswoman Alicia Trost said.

thin strap was not enough According to the San Francisco Chronicle, to trigger the train’s door sensor to reopen.

BART officials noted that it is standard procedure for train operators to look back at the platform to ensure that passengers are kept away from the doors. But since Adams got off the train as the doors were closing, the operator may have already looked back, Granthshala 2 reported.

BART and the National Transportation Safety Board are investigating.