Free Fire India Championship 2021 Spring: League-Day 3 overall standings

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    3 days of the league phase of the Free Fire India Championship 2021 Spring Split concluded today.

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    Group A and C batted in six matches. Total Gaming Esports came out on top with 39 kills and 88 points. Survivor 4 AM finished second with 28 kills and 76 points, followed by Team Revolution with 28 kills and 58 points.

    FFIC League Day 3 match recap Day 3 overall standings

    The sixth and final free fire match played again over Kalahari was won by Team Kos by 11 forts. This was followed by the killer Clutchgods with five assassins.

    League standings after day 3Published on 21 February 2021, 21:25 IST

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