Friend claims Brian Laundrie might have resources to leave US illegally – live

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Watch Live as Coroner Gabby Pettito Gives Update on Autopsy

As the hunt for Brian Laundry enters its 30th day, a longtime friend is told it’s possible he may have the resources to leave the US illegally.

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A friend who knew Mr. Laundry since childhood told Sun That Brian was a good planner who could execute his plans properly.

“I think he would be able to put together the resources to get out of the country illegally or under some kind of fake identity,” the friend said.


Meanwhile, North Port Police said they found no new evidence of Mr Laundry’s location at Carlton Reserve on Friday. Police and the FBI have been searching the 25,000-acre nature preserve – where Mr. Laundry was reportedly hiking alone – since September 17 and employing the use of a human remains-detection dog in their efforts has done.

Officials have previously said there is believed to be a 50 percent chance Mr Laundry is still alive.

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Protesters chant ‘Justice for Gabby’ outside the Laundry family home

Protesters gathered outside the Laundry Family House in North Port Florida on Saturday evening to demand justice for Gabby.

The small group can be heard saying “Justice for Gabby” and “From her name – Gabby Petito”.

Celine Wadhera17 October 2021 08:46

Doug the Bounty Hunter urged to turn on the laundry itself

In the wake of a coroner’s announcement that Gabby Pettito died of strangulation, Doug the Bounty Hunter has urged Brian Laundry to “make a deal” with the authorities and turn himself in.

“The strangulation is no accident,” the blond-haired manhunter told the WFLA. “It looks so bad for the laundry family right now.”

Nathan Place17 October 2021 02:00

Who is Brian Laundry? Everything We Know About Gabby Petito’s Boyfriend

Police and the FBI are still looking for Brian Laundry, the primary person interested in Gabby Petito’s death. Who is he? What did he do for a living? Is he really an ‘existentialist’? Here’s everything we know about Ms. Petito’s missing fiancé:

Everything we know about Brian Laundry as the manhunt continues

Massive search continues for the murder of fugitive fiancee of social media star

Nathan Place17 October 2021 01:00

Gabby Pettito: Everything we know so far

Here’s a look at everything we know so far about the Gabby Petito case, from the cause of death announced to Brian Laundry’s ongoing search:

Everything We Know About Gabby Petito’s Murder on the ‘Dream’ Road Trip

Social media star’s death ruled a murder after remains found in Wyoming National Park, while fiancé Brian Laundry, the last person to see her alive, is missing

Nathan Place17 October 2021 00:00

The disturbing trend of Brian Laundry’s ‘supporters’

As news of Gabby Petito’s death continues to pour in, a disturbing online trend is beginning to take shape. Incels, trolls, “men’s rights activists,” and self-described alpha men have come to the rescue of the laundry. This is not a new phenomenon, but it reflects the throbbing heartbeat of the anti-feminist which is flourishing both online and offline.

GranthshalaKathleen N. Walsh takes a look at this volatile trend:

The disturbing trend of online Brian Laundry ‘supporters’ tells us a lot

One user posted on Reddit, ‘Narcissistic Kerens’ blood-thirsty vengeful feminist simp mobs will forever point to body cam video evidence of cuts, scratches and bruises as a total 100% justification for ending her life.

Nathan Place16 October 2021 23:00

‘The Dirty Laundries’: See what protesters are doing outside Brian Laundry’s home

Protesters have been protesting for weeks outside the Laundry family’s home in North Port, Florida. Take a look at some of his cues pulled by journalist Jonathan Lee Riches:

Nathan Place16 October 2021 21:30

Who are Brian Laundry’s parents?

Brian Laundry’s parents, Christopher and Roberta Laundry, continued to remain silent as their son became the subject of a nationwide FBI manhunt. Here’s a look at who they are and what they’ve done as Brian returns home alone from his unfortunate van trip:

Who are Brian Laundry’s parents?

Facing an intense public backlash over their son Brian Laundry, Chris and Roberta Laundry have remained silent

Nathan Place16 October 2021 20:51

Former FBI agent believes laundry, if alive, is ‘getting some kind of help’

A retired FBI agent says that if Brian Laundry is still alive, someone must be helping him.

Dennis Frank told NewsNationNow, “If she’s still alive, then in order for her to live long enough — and maybe, chances are, she is — she’s getting some kind of help.” “It would be very difficult to be able to survive for this period, especially in the wild, without assistance of any kind.”

Nathan Place16 October 2021 20:17

Five Major Questions About the Gabby Petito Case

Gabby Petito’s body has been found and the cause of her death has been revealed. But several important questions remain.

The biggest question is obvious: Where is Brian Laundry? But also, why did Mr. Laundry buy a new phone? Why were he and his parents camping in Florida in the days after returning from their trip with Ms. Petito alone?

Bevan Hurley of The Granthshala takes a look at these and other questions:

Following Confirmation of Gabby Petito’s Death by Stroke, These Major Questions Remain

Key questions remain unanswered after Wyoming coroner confirms Ms Petito’s death

Nathan Place16 October 2021 19:36

Can Brian Laundry be prosecuted in the absence?

Brian Laundry has been missing for over a month. Searches led by both the North Port Police and the FBI have yielded no new clues about his whereabouts, and the number of reported sightings across the country has proven largely false.

Although Mr Laundry has not been charged with Gabby Petito’s death, he has been named a person of interest in the case. But what if he’s never found? Can a case be prosecuted in his absence? Can his family be charged with a crime? GranthshalaGreg Graziosi takes a look at all the different possibilities:

What if Brian Laundry is never found?

Can Mr. Laundry be tried, even if it is never found?

Nathan Place16 October 2021 18:44




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