From Monkey’s Brain to Mem, Junglee launches clubhouse app

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    Tesla founder and head Elon Musk called Robinhood’s CEO to ask why people couldn’t buy Gametop shares last week.

    Elon Musk’s debut on a new social-conversation app was a wild ride, ranging from wiring a monkey’s brain to video gaming to the grilling of Robinhood’s chief executive entrepreneur, all the while causing increased user demand Were unable to join. Listen, quote of world’s richest man

    Many who tried to work in the clubhouse, the app was supported by the firm firm Andreessen Horowitz, ended up on expired streams that popped up on YouTube and led Tesla Inc. chief executive for over an hour. Aired to take questions from moderators over long periods of time. The invitation-only platform, founded last year, is one of the hottest commodities in social media and is unlikely to feature much like Twitter-Inc. for journalists, investors and the public. .

    As soon as the news of the imminent appearance of the billionaire spread on the Internet at 10 pm on Sunday evening, there was a flurry of tweets by people seeking invitations to listen to him. Several “pre-game” rooms – where users can engage in conversations or listen only – already emerged to discuss Musk’s upcoming appearance.

    It is therefore no surprise that moderators, which included tech industry veterans Mark Andreessen and Steven Sinofsky, also called a “post-game” session, where they talked about how the clubhouse’s stage was ” Extended to the limits “People sought to join it. Room with oysters. He said that three engineers were hired to deal with any issue. He also spoke about bringing in other publishers, including Bill Gates.

    While the limited number of users on the clubhouse – which began in March – gives it an air of exclusivity, it is also starting to grow rapidly and attract more funding, propelling it into the news and social-media sectors . It now has an estimated 5 million users, a jump of 3 million 10 days ago. Last week, investors including Andreessen Horowitz valued it at $ 1 billion. According to Axios, the clubhouse raised $ 100 million in the round.

    What the clubhouse offers is a certain amount of clubby intimacy with others on the platform. When giants like Oprah, Drake or Jared Leto appear, some are retained. Sunday’s session with Musk was scheduled to be a conversation with his nearly 44.7 million Twitter followers.

    The session begins with the founder of rocket company Space Exploration Technologies Corp. talking about colonizing Mars and whether he would feel comfortable allowing any of his sons to travel to the planet. It summarized whether Netflix Inc.’s series “The Expense” was worth watching.

    “The important thing is that we establish Mars as a self-sufficient civilization and that we ensure the long-term survival of consciousness,” Musa said. This naturally happened back and forth about aliens. “I haven’t seen any conclusive evidence,” he said. “That doesn’t mean there aren’t aliens; I haven’t seen the evidence yet.”


    Next was memes. Asked how he “liked” them, Musk said: “I love them. They are very practical and the symbolism powerfully affects people.”

    Musk then reveals that he makes two friends make his memes. “I don’t follow them; I make them. “I have meme dealers; you must have a good meme dealer. My friends Mike and Claire. I am the recipient of very interesting memes.”

    “People are like, you’re going crazy on Twitter,” Musk said. “I was like, I was crazy.”

    Monkey mind

    The conversation then turned to Neural Corp, Musk’s startup, which is developing a brain-computer interface. The company has placed a small wireless implant in a monkey’s skull, which can “play video games with his brain”.

    Musk reported that the goal with brain-linking technology is to ultimately help those who have lost brain capacity due to injury or other malformations with implanted chips.

    Musk said that plug-in Simian’s videos would be released soon, perhaps around a month.

    Bitcoin, dogcoin

    When asked about bitcoin, Musk first replied that he needed to “look at what I had to say”, then gave an answer that raised the price of cryptocurrency again. “Bitcoin is a good thing,” he said, “it’s late to the party” and should have bought eight years ago.

    Musk said he doesn’t have a deep opinion on other cryptocurrencies and his comment on Dogcoin – a digital currency named after, and what, a meme – means as jokes, “The most ironic result would be that Dogecoin will become a currency Earth’s future

    Tesla supplier

    On Tesla, the electric-car company that is the source of much of its wealth, Musk gave a message to battery manufacturers: make more.

    “It is important to emphasize our suppliers. We are not trying to put them out of business. We want them to increase their rates,” Musk said. He During Tesla’s “Battery Day” event in September, it was announced that the company would begin production of its cells to supplement more purchases from outside suppliers.

    Musk said it was important to achieve Tesla’s goal of selling 20 million EVs, as 1% of the 2 billion cars plying on roads would be replaced by 2030, Musk said, adding to the company’s basic goal of “injecting Moving forward “: the arrival of sustainable energy to accelerate. This goal is quite a stretch, as last year, the world’s two largest carmakers gave less than 10 million vehicles.

    “We are trying to increase car production as soon as possible, but the primary limiting factor is the battery cell,” Musk said.

    COVID 19 Commentary

    Next was the global rollout of the vaccine for the COVID-19 pathogen that infected 103 million and killed 2.2 million.

    “There are a lot of requirements to get the vaccine”, Musk said. Although it is “important for the elderly”, he called for it to be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis as to how the annual flu vaccine is given out, because “it would put the most vaccines out there.”

    Although he predicted that because there is an “avalanche” of incoming vaccines, some doses will be thrown out by the end of this year, Musk has made inaccurate predictions about the virus in the past. He It was tweeted in March that there would be close to zero new cases in the US by the end of next month.

    Asked if he was willing to vaccinate, Musk said he is “definitely a pro-vaccine.”

    Robinhood’s CEO

    In the midst of a trading frenzy, Musk seemingly took a different turn in the conversation when he called Vlad Tenev, CEO of trading app Robinhood Markets Inc., to talk about the restrictions imposed by the company last week. “Spreading the beans, man,” Musk told Tenev, “introducing him as the Vlad Stock Impeller.”

    “What happened last week? Why couldn’t people buy GameStop shares? “Kasturi asked.” People ask for answers and they want to know the truth. “

    Tenev said Robinhood was pressured by Citadel or other market makers to ban trading on Gametop and other “meme stocks”, it was incorrect, with the CEO saying the restrictions were linked to National Securities Clearing Corp, which 3 The one who was seeking to deposit billion dollars was Robinhood. Negotiated down to $ 700 million.

    “We knew it was a bad outcome for customers,” Tenev said. “But we had no choice because we had to suit our needs.”

    Arbitrators said that after the session Musk told them that he was planning to call Tenev, who was also a clubhouse user, and that they had made preparations in advance to make sure he could speak.

    personal life

    At times, the topics became more personal. Musk has already revealed that he watches “Last Kingdom” on Netflix. Musk said, “Cobra is Kai, which is such a sick burn.” “He turned the knife. I need to watch it on the treadmill, because I don’t like to work outside. “

    The most poignant part of the conversation can occur when asked, “Why doesn’t the world have Elon Musk?”

    “I am getting a lot of credit. There were some segments in life that have been difficult and painful and I’m not sure people want to do that, ”said Musk. “If someone was to be me or I did, then you are wrong. You must be a demon with some sort of cover in your skull.”


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