Funeral director confesses secrets customers never know & what happens to bodies

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When kids are asked what they want to be when they grow up, we imagine a funeral director is a rare response.

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However, for TikTok user Lauren, working in the industry was a long-standing dream, and one she fulfilled when she took a job as a director at a funeral home.

Funeral director Lauren shares her job secrets on her TikTok pagecredit: @lovee.miss.lauren/Tiktok

But after leaving the role following a rift with her boss, Lauren has decided to reveal some little-known secrets about her job on the social media site and answer some unusual questions from her followers.


“If a woman dies with a tampon on, do you take it out or leave it in?” It was a “serious question”, one person asked.

“Most women who pass away if they are young enough that they are still menstruating, they usually have an autopsy,” begins Lauren. TIC Toc Video.

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“If they have an autopsy the autopsy team will remove the tampon. Now sometimes they don’t have a full autopsy and they still come to the funeral home.

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“I had a girl come over and she had a tampon on and of course, we remove that.”

However, she said she would only remove the tampon if she was going to embalm the body, as she would have “pre-authorized consent from the family to care for the body”.

“If there was a cremation, I wouldn’t check the tampon or look down anywhere. I would just be placing the body inside the crematorium,” she explained.

Another man asked Lauren if she would remove the braces if that person died before taking them off.

“No, if you were planning a cremation or burial, I wouldn’t remove the braces,” she replied.

“I would totally leave them as they are. And the main reason is that I don’t know how to remove braces!

Lauren didn't mind disclosing the details in her reply.

Lauren didn’t mind disclosing the details in her @lovee.miss.lauren/Tiktok

“It’s not something they teach us when we go to school for funeral directors or the death penalty, so we’ll just leave them where they are.”

“How do I know if I’m getting the right funeral remains back?” Another of Lauren’s followers asked her.

“That’s a really good question,” she replied.

“Once we bring someone to a funeral home and they are cremated, we provide them with little metal ID tags.

“And that tag stays with them during the cremation process. And then we seal the bag with the funeral pyre.

“Then we print a cremation certificate with the person’s name and the number that was assigned to the cremation ground (number on the tag).”

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