Furious Susanna ‘revolted’ watching Savile abuse with victim on GMB

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Susannah Reid said she was “revolting” after watching footage of her abuse of one of her victims with Jimmy Savile on Good Morning Britain.

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In November 1976, the GMB host was apparently driven out by a disturbing attack caught on camera during an episode of BBC’s Top of the Pops.

Sylvia Edwards was fatally groped on camera by Jimmy Savile in November 1976Credits: Good Morning Britain, ITV
GMB host Susanna Reid said she was 'revolted' by the brutal assault on teen by abusers

GMB host Susanna Reid said she was ‘revolted’ by the brutal assault on teen by abusersCredits: Good Morning Britain, ITV

She sat down with her victim, Sylvia Edwards, 63, and retreated in horror as they attempted to get away from the lowly pedophile groping Sylvia as a young girl.


Sylvia, who was 18 at the time, described how the Predator presenter’s hand was “rock solid” and she “couldn’t get it out”.

The teen gets tough on himself and screams as the other guests touch him under the camouflage.

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She said she was left “embarrassed”, while Saville calmly “just kept going” as she spoke to the audience.

The abuser stares at the camera with a smile and chimes in: “Let me tell you something, a friend might get used to it, as it happens, he might be really used to it.”

A sick Susannah told Sylvia: “It’s disgusting.

“I just feel the rebellion, as one would now, but also the fact that it was all a big joke at the time we were watching it.

“No one realized – and we should have – what he was really doing.”

Sylvia, the mother-in-law of two, immediately complained to a crew member about the “Gym Will Fix It” frontman’s conduct, but says she was just told to “go away”.

“It’s hard sometimes because I knew what was going on and I asked for help on this,” she explained on GMB.

“When the camera moved away from us we could actually get out of where we were because we were surrounded – the camera turned us in.

“And I went downstairs and this guy with headphones on, I told him: ‘He just put his hand behind me and I didn’t like it.’ And he said: ‘Hey go away, that’s just Jimmy, go away.’ Told me to leave, go away.”

“I was only with one girl at the time and we were talking about it on our way back home,” Sylvia continued.

list of offenses

“But I knew it was wrong, but it was just because I was told to get lost, and the thing was over, after I got out, I literally went home and told my father, because there There was no one else I can talk to.

“At the time he said he couldn’t do anything for Jimmy Saville, and I don’t think he thought about the police.”

His notoriety and star status helped Saville hide his list of sexual abuses that went undetected for decades.

Sylvia’s harrowing interview comes ahead of a new documentary airing on ITV Thursday night that chronicles Saville’s decades of abuse, titled “Seville: Portrait of a Predator.”

It takes a fresh look at the ill-fated story of a BBC DJ who, from 1955 until his death in 2011, sexually abused at least 72 people, eight of whom were raped, including an eight-year-old girl.

A total of 450 claims of abuse and rape were made against 13 police forces – but with the passage of time and Savile’s death, not all of them could be proven.

Operation Yewtree detective Gary Pankhurst, who also appears in the new documentary, told GMB: “If we look at the person and how they act, what I was thinking of him as a criminal was that he How to Maximize Your Opportunities Hurt.

“like a terrorist”

“As you see his career progressing, each decision and change he made in his career actually gave him more opportunity to take offense against more and more individuals as well as increased the amount of security around him.” Gave.”

The cop even said that he operated like a terrorist to escape his crimes, which the BBC, the hospital owner and the police failed to stop.

“Crimes have happened in many different parts of the country, and they are not linked,” he said.

“It would be the Leeds General Infirmary, or the BBC, or Scotland, or he would end up in Scarborough.

“Each of these elements of his life were separate circles that didn’t intersect, but like terrorist cells in which you don’t give all your information to more than one. That’s how he lived his life.”

He describes how Saville had several hideouts, including a luxurious flat in his home town of Leeds, an apartment in Scarborough, North York, and a cottage in Glencoe in the Scottish Highlands.

Gary said: “It let him be in places where he could disappear. He was just someone who was very difficult to track down.”

The 63-year-old recounts how Savil's hand remained 'rock solid' as he desperately tried to escape from her clutches

The 63-year-old recounts how Savil’s hand remained ‘rock solid’ as he desperately tried to escape from her clutchesCredits: Good Morning Britain, ITV
The lowly pedophile often used his TV gigs to abuse guests in full view of the cameras.

The lowly pedophile often used his TV gigs to abuse guests in full view of the cameras.Credits: Good Morning Britain, ITV

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