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One of the last messages he received to Gabby Petito’s family is believed to have been in the form of a “strange text” sent in late August, when loved ones began to worry about her well-being, according to the state. . search warrant Released on Monday.

Gabrielle Petito, 22, sent a text message to her mother, Nicole Schmidt, on August 27, in which she wrote: “Can you help Stan, I just keep getting his voicemails and missed calls,” the search warrant filed in Sarasota stated in. County Circuit Court on Friday and made public on Monday.


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According to the document: “The reference to ‘Stan’ was about her grandfather, but according to the mother, she would never call him ‘Stan’. The mother was concerned that something was wrong with her daughter.”

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The text was one of a dozen grounds local law enforcement claimed it had for probable cause to conduct a search warrant for Brian Laundry, Petito’s fiancé and her parents, in North Port, Florida.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation, in collaboration with local law enforcement, raided the home on Monday morning. A spokesman for the FBI’s Tampa field office told Granthshala News that his search warrant is still stamped.

The document shows that local law enforcement officers were seeking and obtaining permission to search the Black Western Digital external hard drive.

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According to reporters on the ground, several unmarked law enforcement vehicles landed at the home as authorities established it as a “crime site”. The agents escorted Laundry’s parents, Chris and Roberta, into an unmarked van that was parked at the house before being taken back to the house. Officers can be seen taking several boxes out of the house and even taking away Brian Laundry’s silver Ford Mustang.

Meanwhile, a pair of North Port Police Department personnel were seen walking into the home of Brian Laundry’s sister Cassie, about 40 minutes away, later on Monday. They stayed for about 30 minutes before driving.

The document says Petito and Laundry embarked on a cross-country trip in mid-June with plans to visit national parks and chronicle the trip on social media.

But Schmidt told officers that Petito began to describe how “there appears to be more and more tension between him and the laundry,” according to the search warrant.

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Granthshala News first reported that on August 12, police in Moab, Utah, responded to a report of a domestic dispute between a young couple. In the 911 call made at that time, a man can be heard telling the police dispatcher that “the gentleman was slapping the girl.”

The call appears to contradict a police report in which an officer says “no one reported that the man hit the woman.”

The report continued, “The man tried to distance himself by asking Gabby for a walk to calm down, she didn’t want to be separated from the man, and began slapping her.” “He grabbed her face and pushed her back as he put pressure on her and on the van, she tried to lock it and succeeded by leaving her driver’s door open, he opened it and pushed her over her and into the vehicle. Forced before leaving.”

One of the officers at the scene wrote that the incident “could more accurately be classified as a mental/emotional health ‘break’ than a domestic attack.”

Schmidt later reported that he received a text message from his daughter on August 30, in which Petito reportedly wrote: “No service in Yosemite.” But Schmidt didn’t believe the text was actually written by his daughter.

The search warrant describes the August 27 text message as “anyone had last communication with the subject.” After that, according to the document, his cell phone “was no longer on.”

The search warrant also reveals that Brian returned home in the van – alone – before 10:30 a.m. on September 1.

Petito’s family finally reported his disappearance on 11 September, and police seized the van three days later, pursuant to a separate search warrant.

On Sunday, FBI officials announced they had discovered human remains in Teton County, Wyoming that “consistent with the description” of Pettito. A county coroner is expected to positively identify the body and conduct an autopsy in the coming days.

Granthshala News’ Michael Ruiz, Paul Best, Sarah Ballu and Greg Norman contributed to this report.