After heartbreaking and revealing details of the circumstances of his death were announced to the public, Gabby Petito’s The parents are finally bringing home the remains of their 22-year-old daughter.

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More than a month after her body was discovered in Wyoming’s Bridger-Teton National Forest, Petito’s family traveled to Wyoming to retrieve her remains and prepare to put to rest the young woman whose death sparked has drawn intense interest during Talks about a large number of missing persons cases every year – And why don’t others get as much attention.

Tyson Clemons, the funeral director at the Valley Mortuary, told CNN that his remains were picked up on Saturday.


Last week, Teton County Coroner Dr. Brent Blue told CNN that he left Pettito’s remains at the morgue on Tuesday, the same day he announced his long-awaited determination on the manner and cause of his death.

Blue made an early decision that Petito, who had not returned from a summer road trip with her fiancé Brian Laundry, died from the murder. On Tuesday, he elaborated that his death was due to manual throttle And they believe that some human had strangled her.

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blue was not able to point Be it the day or time Petito died, But he also added that his body was left in the wild for three to four weeks.

Photos posted by the family to Twitter show them in Wyoming, honoring Pettito among beautiful scenes they took during the last days of his life.

“I just, I hope she wasn’t suffering and she wasn’t in any pain. She was where she wanted to be, looking at the beautiful mountains,” her mother, Nicole Schmidt, told 60 Minutes Australia.

Tension and struggle in your final weeks

The investigation into who killed Petito and what led to his death continues, and many questions still remain unanswered.

Pettito was traveling with laundry in a van across America for most of the summer. But when he returned home, living with his parents in Northport, Florida, she was not with him.

Soon after Petito’s parents reported her missing, the laundry went missing. Officers are still searching for him, although he does not face charges for his death.

And Petito’s parents are eager to find him.

Gabby’s father, Joe Pettito, told Dr. Phil during an interview with the talk show host, “I hope he’s got it. I really do… I mean, like, alive.” aired in early October. “I want to see him in a prison cell for the rest of my life.”

The time between Pettito’s disappearance and the collection of his remains is marked by revelations of tension and conflict between the couple. his last week.

Her parents first reported her missing on September 11, and after an extensive search, her remains were found on September 19, where their van was last seen three weeks earlier. National attention to his whereabouts revealed that they were involved in a domestic dispute in Utah in August

on 12 August, Police stopped the couple According to audio provided by the Grand County Sheriff’s Office in Moab, Utah, the 911 caller told dispatchers that he saw a man hitting a woman.

The caller said, “We passed by and the gentleman was slapping the girl.” “Then we stopped. They ran up and down the sidewalk. He proceeded to hit her, jumped in the car and off they went.”

CNN obtained a dispatch audio recording from the Grand County Sheriff’s Office last month that sheds more light on what Moab police were told of “some sort of dispute.”

On August 27, a witness witnessed an “uproar” when Pettito and Laundry were leaving Mary Piglets Tex-Mex restaurant in Jackson, Wyoming—one of the last reported before Pettito’s death.

Witness Nina Angelou said Petito was in tears and the laundry was seen angrily going in and out of the restaurant several times, the hostess showing anger towards the staff around the stand.

Angelou told CNN she saw no violence or physical altercation between Petito and the laundry.

That day, a “strange text” from Petito worried his mother that something was amiss, according to a police affidavit seeking a search warrant for an external hard drive in the couple’s van.

According to the affidavit, “Can you help Stan, I keep getting his voicemails and missed calls.” According to a police affidavit, Stan was a reference to Petito’s grandfather, to whom his mother said Pettito never made such a mention.

According to the affidavit, Petito called his mother regularly, and those conversations revealed “greater tension” in Petito’s relationship.

laundry search

Before his disappearance, there were police in North Port surveillance laundry A police spokesman told CNN’s Randy Kaye that they were doing as best they could legally.

Investigators said Laundry’s parents told them on September 17 that he had left the house a few days earlier and was on his way to the nearby Carlton Reserve – a search of 25,000 acres of the nature reserve. Initially, his parents said he left on September 14, but Steven Bertolino, the lawyer for the Laundry family, later said, “We now believe that the day Brian left to live in the protected area was Monday.” , was September 13.”

When he left, he didn’t take his cell phone and wallet With that, and his parents worried he might hurt himself, a source close to Laundry’s family told CNN’s Chris Cuomo.

Laundry has not been charged in Pettito’s death. He was Accused of allegedly using two financial accounts which was not his in the days after his death.

Steve Bertolino, attorney for Laundry’s family, said in a statement that Laundry had used Petito’s debit card, but noted that he was not a suspect in her death.