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The family of the boyfriend of a 22-year-old Long Island woman who went missing during a cross-country road trip has issued a statement through a lawyer.


22-year-old Gabby Petito left New York in early July to visit national parks in a converted camper van with her boyfriend, according to her family, but she disappeared in late August and they haven’t heard from her much. . two weeks.

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East Islip attorney Steven P. Bertolino issued the following statement Tuesday on behalf of the Laundry family.

It added: “This is an extremely difficult time for both the Petito family and the Laundry family.
It is our understanding that a search has been conducted for Miss Petito in or near Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. On behalf of the Laundry family, it is our hope that the search for Miss Petito is successful and that Miss Petito is reunited with her family.”

The statement ends with: “The Laundry family is currently remaining in the background on the advice of attorney and will not comment further.”

Suffolk County Police detectives are investigating the disappearance.

Petito’s family reported his disappearance on September 11 at around 6:55 p.m. According to the family, they had been in contact with him during the last week of August.

“We don’t eat or sleep,” says her mother, Nicole Schmidt. “We are actively looking for her. I believe a mother’s instinct is the most powerful.”

Before previous communication, Petito is believed to have been in Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming.

Schmidt is concerned about his welfare.

“I don’t know whether he left Grand Teton or not,” Schmidt said. “I received a text from him on the 27th and 30th, but I don’t know if it was technically his or not because it was just a text. I didn’t speak to him verbally.”

Blue Point’s 22-year-old Petito is described as a white woman who stands about 5 feet 5 inches tall and 110 pounds. She has blonde hair and blue eyes, and several tattoos, including one on her finger and one on her forearm that read “Let it be.” The van she was traveling in has been recovered.

His father, Joseph Petito, said, “You read these kinds of stories that you sympathize and sympathize with, but when you’re in it, it’s an indescribable, terrifying, bottomless experience.” “We need to find him. I’m begging for everyone.

Detectives are asking anyone with knowledge of Pettito’s disappearance to contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-220-TIPS. Police say all calls can remain anonymous.

The white van was recovered from her boyfriend’s parents’ home in Florida.

The couple started a YouTube channel to showcase their road trip called “Nomedic Static”.

Petito was also documenting the trip. instagram. Her profile said: “For the ride” and “Travel the world in our little van”. His last post was two weeks ago.

started by a family friend gofundme To raise funds to help find Gabby Petito. Page calls his disappearance suspicious.