Every elected official in Washington should be held to the same standard when it comes to his statement, Rep. Matt Getz, R-Fla., Told Granthshala News “Hannity” on Wednesday.

“I certainly hope … we point to hypocrisy and double standards because it’s eating up our voters and the country,” he hosted Sean Hannity.

Voted to keep after House Republican Rep. Liz Cheney, R-they. Due to the controversy over impeachment of then President Trump as Speaker of the Republican Conference in the House, the House will vote on Thursday to remove the democratic proposal Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green, R-Ga., From the work of his committee.

Getz argued both these decisions to “strengthen Washington’s power”, and about 75% of Georgia who voted Green in office are abusive.

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“It exceeds almost every member of Congress,” he said. “This is a dangerous example when we disrespect voters. And indeed the Left is trying to do that.

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“It only encourages me to go out into America and focus on the changes we need to make in both parties so that voters are respected.”

Green was widely criticized and his history of condemning violence against members of the Democratic Party through social media and conspiracy theories about staging mass school shootings – all of it Even when she was a private citizen.

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Republicans argue that some Democratic House members have a similar history of spreading threatening statements and conspiracy theories, but Green has not been disciplined the way he is likely to be.

“Tomorrow, they are going to take unprecedented action to replace Washington’s will for the will of the people in this country,” Gaoz said. “And when we get a majority, we better apply the same standards. So often, I see that Democrats actually fight to win and Republicans are playing some patty-cake game.”

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Rep. Andy Biggs, R-Aries., Attempting a tit-for-tate measure by sponsoring a proposed amendment to remove Rep Ilman Omar, D-Min., On previous opposing comments from his committee assignment.

Biggs told “Hannity” that if Republicans don’t dispose of the score, more right-wing officials would be targeted by Democrats.

“They will always move the goalposts because they don’t want the opposition – loud, strong people,” he said. “Don’t forget, Marjorie Taylor [Greene] There is a strong, conservative voice for women. And they don’t want that.