Game studio accuses real-life gun manufacturer of stealing weapon design

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The studio also accused Kalashnikov of giving ‘Escape from Tarkov’ the right to use the controversial weapon.

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An indie studio has accused gun maker Kalashnikov of not only stealing one of the guns it designed, but also of granting it. escape from tarkov the right to use it.

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Indie developer Ward B says a contractor affiliated with Kalashnikov, one of the world’s largest gun makers, contacted the team and asked if he could convert one of his fictional guns — Ward B’s EPM 28 Mastodon shotgun — into an actual weapon. can change into. The gun was designed for an upcoming game called Marine, and the contractor apparently wanted to present to Kalashnikov the fictional design in the form of a gun kit for the MP-155 shotgun.

talking to IGN (where further images of both weapons can be seen), Ward B CEO Marcelino Sauceda says that while the studio was excited to execute the idea, it never received a formal contract, and neither the contractor or Kalashnikov asked them. contacted.


After some time, Kalashnikov revealed MP-155 Ultima Which was largely similar to Ward B’s design for the EMP28 Mastodon. Sauceda alleges that the MP-155 Ultima used Ward B’s design, adding that there are several aesthetic decisions on the MP-155 Ultima that have no practical use in real life. This includes the receiver on the Ultima, which Sauceda says, “I think they have [Mastodon 3D model] And they forgot to take that part out – because they took it off the other side with the bolt”.

In the Mastodon trailer, a disclaimer from Ward B claims that “Due to unfortunate events regarding large-scale IP theft, private development will be carried out for Ward B. Marine To protect your property and rights”.

Even Stranger, Ward B Says Kalashnikov Allowed Hardcore Shooter escape from tarkov With the rights to use the MP-155 Ultima’s design, Sauceda claimed Ward B’s own gun design was being released in someone else’s game before it was released. Marine,

Sauceda says that Ward B has “abandoned the goal of legally reclaiming our assets” because of significant legal difficulties with Kalashnikov, based in Russia. However, Sauceda wants to raise awareness of the issue and says that “unfortunately this is something that happens a lot in the indie development scene”.

The contractor that Ward B spoke to defended the extremity, and told IGN That he designed the Ultima “from scratch”. Similarly, Sauceda says that Kalashnikov claims he developed the Ultima from scratch and that officials have never seen Ward B’s design.


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