Gareth Coker opens up on ‘Halo Infinite’: “Fans will be very interested to see how we use past material and expand upon it.”

Halo Infinite’s score will capture the original while building on it.

Gareth Coker, musician Ori and the Will of the Wisps and its predecessor, has spoken openly about its work for the upcoming hello infinity During an interview with Granthshala.

speaking about your work hello infinity, Coker opened up about the potential pressure that comes with such a beloved series.

“It’s not that I don’t feel pressured, but because the core material is so strong, it’s like you’re building on the strongest possible foundation,” he said during an interview with Granthshala.

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Coker’s last projects gave him complete freedom, so hello infinity there’s a change for him

“The challenge was aura It’s the first time I’m stepping into someone else’s composition, so it’s all about learning the terminology and understanding why people love the original. aura Music in particular. Fans will be very interested to see how we use and expand on past content.”

Given that Bungie’s score is such an iconic part auraHistory It is not surprising that much effort would have to be made to arouse similar feelings. Coker describes it as “just like learning a new language”.

“And usually I’m the language maker. I think people will just have to wait and see how much we expand on the original aura Ingredients – I certainly can’t say anything more than that!”

The key to this process is to ensure that the gameplay matches the music: “There’s nothing better than playing a game when the right music plays at the right time”.


“If you think about melee combat, some are really chunky and heavy, and in other games it’s going to be really fast and accurate.”

The full Granthshala interview goes in-depth about how Coker believes you need to play a game to write music for it.

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