Judge Merrick Garland insisted that he would serve the people and not the president if confirmed as the next attorney general of the US.

President Joe Biden’s pick faced tough questions over his role and relationship with the president, with some senators on the judiciary committee referring to President Barrack Obama’s Attorney General as an example.

Holder famously referred to himself as the “President’s Wingman” and some legalists worried that Garland might take a similar view.

However, Garland insisted that he is “not the president’s advocate.”

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“I can assure you that I do not consider myself as a lawyer other than the people of the United States,” Garland said in response to a point-blank question from Sen. Ted Cruz. R-Texas

Garland faced similar questions about accountability and the possibility of arming the Justice Department, but said he would put the department and the people forward in the interests of any president.

“My job is to protect the Justice Department,” Garland said.

Asked if he could commit to not going after the political enemies of the Biden administration, Garland said he would not “completely” direct the department in such a manner, calling it “completely inappropriate”. .