Merrick Garland’s response Monday to a question about a possible conflict of interest in any of the New York government investigations. Andrew Cuomo “was not good enough” Rep. Alice Stephanik, R-NY, told “Granthshala News Primetime”.

During Garland’s confirmation hearing before Sen. Ted Cruz, the Senate Judiciary Committee, R-Texas said that Acting Manhattan US Attorney Audrey Strauss is the mother-in-law of Melissa Derosa, one of Cuemo’s top. DeRosa admitted in front of Democratic state lawmakers earlier this month that the governor’s administration withholds data on deaths in nursing homes as officials have “frizzed” the possibility of a federal investigation.

“Would you at least be committed to not investigating a conflict of interest by someone?” Cruz asked Garland.

“With all of these investigations, the Department of Justice is open to evidence of fraud, false statements, violations of the law. They usually begin in a proper manner at the relevant U.S. Attorney’s Office,” Garland responded. “I have no idea.” Of facts, but I can guarantee you that no person will do any kind of investigation.

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Stefanik told host Katie Pavelich that Garland’s answer suggests that “he is not reading the original news.”

As the American people know, this is a serious corruption scandal at the highest level of the New York State government, “she said.” We need very clear feedback from the person named to be AG. [commiting to] Ensuring that there is an independent, impartial investigation. And when it comes to obstruction of justice, these are not just allegations on Katie, it was caught on tape.

“It was caught on tape with members of the New York State Assembly on a zoom call, which is why it is speaking to Democrats as well as the need for an independent federal investigation and some, proposing impeachment of the governor. And the governor, I have said, should resign. “

Families of those who lost loved ones in a New York nursing home, Stefanik said, “It is worth a commitment for the AG candidate that this will be an independent investigation, and he will get up early at a better pace because it is not enough for the North American people.” . “