Garmin is making fun of the new ‘Apple Watch Ultra’

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Garmin seems to be making fun of the new “Apple Watch Ultra,” the company’s smartwatch built for extreme conditions.

During this week’s “Far Out” launch event, Apple introduced a range of new iPhones, AirPods and Apple Watches. The latter was the “ultra” version of the Apple Watch, which comes with a new, larger design as well as features for an exterior and longer battery life.

During the introduction, Apple said that it has added a number of innovative new features that have been created in collaboration with divers, ultramarathon runners and others who work in extreme conditions.

That and the watch itself appeared to be in direct competition with Garmin, which has long been a market leader for adventure and sports-focused smartwatches.

In response to the new launch, Garmin has used its social channels to mock the performance of the new Apple Watch Ultra.

For example, on Twitter, she posted “We measure battery life in months. Not hours”, with the hashtag enduro 2. Garmin’s Enduro 2 battery can last up to 46 days in its normal smartwatch mode, compared to 36 hours of normal use for the Apple Watch Ultra.

On Instagram, it released another post saying that its first watch with this kind of battery life was released in 2012 – and that it had features like built-in GPS maps navigation that still aren’t available on the Apple Watch .

The new Apple Watch Ultra is now available for pre-order along with other new versions of the smartwatch and most of the new iPhone 14 models. The Ultra costs £849, which is about the same price as comparable Garmin watches.

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