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First on Granthshala: Ronnie Jackson, R-Texas, says the chairman general of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Mark Mille should go to jail if the charges which he promised to give Sugar The equivalent advance notice of a US attack is true.

Jackson told Granthshala News in an exclusive interview on Wednesday that he would call for an investigation into Milley over recent book allegations about the Biden administration’s failed troop withdrawal from Afghanistan and “secret” calls made by Milley.


The Texas Republican said he was sending the idea to Milley for scrutiny because general comments about critical race theory made headlines, though he says the investigation is more urgent.

Mili’s spokesperson calls China’s call to ‘avoid unexpected consequences or conflict’ ‘important’

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“We need him to step up to the plate and be responsible,” Jackson said of Miley. “He needs to accept that he made mistakes and, as a result, he must do what he expects any other military member under his control to do, i.e. resign and hand it over to someone else and to someone else.” Let’s give. Take the reins of leadership.”

“It was the first,” Jackson said, “the recent story of Millie talking to key people in the Chinese military and giving them information about what’s happening in the White House,” as well as his Chinese “Give” the counterpart if the US was planning to go to war with China, go and talk to them.

Jackson said the allegations were “beyond resignation”, adding that he believed Milley should “resign immediately” and that there should be a “congressional inquiry” into what happened.

“And if that’s true, he should be held accountable. And when I say ‘held accountable,’ I’m not just talking about resigning or quitting,” said the Texas congressman. “I’m talking about potentially going to jail if that’s true. I mean, it’s treason. These are high crimes.”

The Congressman said he could not “fathom” how a member of the US military could “undermine the commander in chief” and put the country in danger by “telling the Chinese … that we will tell them the White House.” What’s happening in me.”

“If that’s what happened, we need to know about it and put him in jail,” Jackson said.

A senior Trump-era Defense Department official told Granthshala News on Wednesday that the calls were not secret and were civilian-led at the behest of former Defense Secretary Mark Esper to quell Chinese intelligence reports that the US was ready to attack. was tightening.

The former official also noted that top Pentagon officials often speak with their counterparts in China and Russia to reduce the potential for misunderstandings and misunderstandings that could lead to war.

“It was a civilian-led call made at the request of Arizona,” another former senior US official said, adding that citizens at the Pentagon had been apprised of the situation.

Jackson reiterated that Milley’s alleged actions would only have little consequences “if this is true” and that he and the GOP are looking to take a measured approach to what happened.

“I don’t know whether it’s true or not, it’s being told from a book,” Jackson said. “The stuff that is coming out of the book is very worrying.”

“If Miley is actually telling his counterpart in the Chinese military that he will raise his head if we plan to go to war with him, that is not acceptable on any front,” the Congressman continued. “I mean, it’s not a matter of assurance, it’s incredibly unfair and not in the best interest of this country.”

“If it was other, more benign conversations that were just trying to maintain relationships and make sure nothing goes wrong, that’s a different situation,” he said, about what happened in the phone call. The nation needs “truth”.

Jackson also reiterated that the allegations, should they be true, are “seditious” and that there are “many reasons” why Milley should no longer hold his position.

Milley came under heavy fire this week after a new book alleged that he promised to warn his Chinese counterpart about any impending war during the Trump administration.

A senior Defense Department official pushed back the report and said On Wednesday, reporters said Milley’s message to his Chinese counterpart was in line with the defense secretary’s message.

“Millie wasn’t going to be crooked at all. In October, Arizona took the lead on it, with Arizona asking its own policy people to backchannel the message,” the official said. “Millie’s message followed Arizona.”

Granthshala News’ Jennifer Griffin contributed reporting.

Houston Keene is a reporter for Granthshala News Digital. You can find him on Twitter at @HoustonKeene.