Genshin Impact 1.4 leaks: Ayaka banner release information and more

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    The 1.4 release update of Genshin Impact is less than a month away, and comes with lots of new content. Several details of the update have been leaked, including Ayaka, Mimi, and Rosaria (curiously Hu Tao is rumored to be coming before v1.4). Here is all the information that has been leaked so far.

    Genshin Impact Ayaka Banner

    Ayaka, a 5-star cryo sword character, will headline the banner featured earlier in the Genshin Impacts v1.4 update. Mimi, a new 4-star Hurdo originator character, will share the same banner. While some are calling the 1.4 Inazuma update, the chances of Inazuma being released next month are quite slim. This is more likely in relation to the fact that Ayaka is an Inzuma princess.

    Ayaka’s gameplay videos from the Gensin Impact closed beta build have been rotating for a while, showing the icy character’s fast moves and elemental abilities. It is also shown how Ayaka moves similar to Mona, turning into a frosty mist that turns Mona into water.

    Ayaka, a DPS, comes from Inazuma and will be the 6th playing cryo character in Genshin Impact, released shortly before the game’s 7th cryo character, Rosaria. A later addition to the cryo character roster would be Traveler, once the story moves on to Snezhnaaya. Interestingly, Genshin Impact is getting a third cryo sword character, when no catalyst has been released for the element yet.

    Ocean event

    It has also been leaked that it is an unlockable pet Oceanid Sealy and cryo-Paulier user, Rosaria, both of whom appear to be tied to a particular Genshin Impact Oceanid incident. So far, the Oceanid fight has been one of the least useful boss battles to bear with players. With the release of more Hydro characters and a new program involving Hydro Boss, this can change very rapidly.

    Published on 22 February 2021, 21:39 IST

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