Genshin Impact: Upcoming Oceanic Challenge Event Leaked Before 1.4 Update

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    A challenge event based on Oceanid at Genshin Impact is anticipated to be part of the upcoming 1.4 update and leaked ahead of the official release.

    Genshin is starting to provide new content to players more quickly since the Impact 1.3 update. With multiple events queuing up for the “All the Glitters” patch, endgame players won’t run out of content anytime soon.

    Oceanic Challenge Event in Genshin Impact v1.4

    According to Leake, v1.4 may feature an event similar to the “hypostatic symphony” phenomenon of v1.2. In this event, certain characters such as Gianu, Diana, Xinan, Kecking, Lisa, and Fischal will receive additional allowances including 30% elemental resistance and 30% higher energy recharge.

    The Oceanid Challenge will reward players with the adventurer’s experience, Wanderers’ advice, Hero’s intelligence, Partner Exp, and Adventure Rank exp.

    Although the leaked screenshot states that the event charges 40 original resins per attempt, it cannot be confirmed whether it will be the same in the final version.

    The reason, miHoYo has already clarified that subsequent events in Genshin Impact will not require the original resin.

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    The interesting thing here is that the awards do not include the usual hydro material derived from the oceans. As a result, players who do not consider upgrading any Hydro Elemental character will fight the boss for Character Exp Cards.

    The icon shown next to the original resin amount is a unique pass that can allow players to participate in the event without spending the original resin amount.

    The difficulty and co-op mechanism of the event may be similar to the hypostatic symphony event in which all instantaneous cube owners such as Anemo Hypostasis, Geo Hypostasis, and Electro Hypostasis are shown in Genshin Impression v1.2.

    The purpose of this event is to keep players connected to elemental bosses, as they usually do not fight due to the unavailability of this elemental character. This is being done because players often make a lot of content disappear before subsequent updates.

    These fundamental elite boss fights will help players understand the fundamental reaction meta. This Genshin effect is far more ideal than spamming automatic attacks to fight enemies.

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    Published 07 February 2021, 20:30 CET

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