A statue in honor of George Floyd in New York City’s Union Square Park was vandalized on Sunday, police said.

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According to the police, a video showed an unidentified man on a skateboard throwing paint at the idol at around 10 am and then fled. The late Congressman John Lewis and Breonna Taylor of Louisville, Kentucky, women who were shot dead by police last year, apparently were not touched.

Police have not released the video.


Sunday’s act was not the first instance of vandalism to a statue commemorating Floyd, whose murder at the hands of police in Minneapolis last year that sparked a racial justice movement across the country.

The statue was unveiled at Juneteen’s holiday at a location on Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn, and five days later it was torn down black and marked with the alleged logo of a white supremacist group.

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Members of the group that installed the statue cleaned it, and local residents and one of Floyd’s brothers gathered in July as it prepared to move to Union Square in the center of Manhattan.