George Russell survived a carriage to win the Virtual Grand Prix from the 14th

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    Williams F1 driver George Russell showed his pedigree to record his sixth win at the Virtual Grand Prix in Sao Paulo. The Hait pair of brothers from Fitipalli gave enough points to the total teams to take the crown, as well as donating $ 20,000 to their chosen charity.

    Russell finished 14th on the grid, but survived a contact with Sena S and made an early pass to lead by more than two seconds from the fourth lap.

    As with all Kodmasters F1 2020 games, penalties were applied to almost all racers for multiple offenses, being able to chance the less experienced Virtual Grand Prix. The lead pair of George Russell and Enzo Fittipaldi survived the penalty and struggled to the end.

    Battle of Virtual Grand Prix continues till the end

    “I’m completely focused here but I think I’m on a completely wrong strategy,” Russell voiced his concerns over the comics. His concerns did not abate, as he stepped out of a halt for Medium Rubber, finding himself as the Pixels ahead of Arthur Lecler and secured the lead of the Virtual Grand Prix as Pitstops.

    Jack “Pieface 23” McDermott was the only racer that clung to the controller instead of high-tech force steering wheels. The FIFA eSports star was running a respectable 10th, albeit with tires in poor condition, just ten laps to go.

    Alex Albon in Red Bull put in a spirited drive, making his way to the podium places after a fierce virtual Grand Prix fight with Laurito: “What are you doing, Dino ?!” Alex Albon yelled in response to Ames “Dino” Laurito pushed him wide for the second time as Alex attempted a DRS-aided pass. Albon finally settled the case, reached the fifth turn inside and took his line at the exit.

    George Russell sealed Virtual GP’s victory with a series of fastest laps at the end, a great way to celebrate ahead of his 23rd birthday tomorrow.

    Published 15 February 2021 01:22 AM

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