Georgia councilman who urged people NOT to take COVID-19 vaccine is now trying to convince ‘hard-headed conservatives’ to get the shot after he spent 16 days in hospital with the virus 

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  • Jim Sales, 71, urged people not to get the COVID-19 vaccine before contracting the virus, with people hospitalized for more than two weeks.
  • Sales is now pushing others in its community to get vaccinated to ease the pressure on the state’s hospital system.
  • More than 96% of Georgia ICU beds are currently occupied as the state sees a surge in virus cases
  • Only 35% of Sales County residents are fully vaccinated against COVID-19, and 60% are completely unvaccinated

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A Georgia Conservative city councilor, who previously again had COVID-19 vaccines, is now urging others to jab after their battle with the virus.

Jim Sales, 71, of Grantville, Georgia, was hospitalized last month for 16 days due to the virus.


They told newsweek That he himself was a ‘hardcore anti-vaccine’ before tackling the virus.

Sales also urged others not to get vaccinated, as they did not trust the shots themselves.

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Now, after falling ill with COVID-19 himself, and realizing what the current virus outbreak is doing to local hospitals, he is urging those he once told not to get vaccinated.

Jim Sales (pictured) was anti-vaxx and hospitalized for 16 days before personally contracting COVID-19 in August. Now, he’s pushing others in his Georgia community to get vaccinated

Sell ​​(pictured) is the councilor of Grantville, Georgia.  He expects more residents to be vaccinated to ease existing capacity issues in hospitals across the state.  More than 96% of Georgia's ICU beds are currently in use

Sell ​​(pictured) is the councilor of Grantville, Georgia. He expects more residents to be vaccinated to ease existing capacity issues in hospitals across the state. More than 96% of Georgia’s ICU beds are currently in use

Sales said surviving his battle with the virus was a gift from God, and that he would no longer waste the gift ‘and try nothing to pass the word on to my hard-headed group of conservatives.’

He said, ‘I prayed for recovery, and all my friends prayed, and the doctors and nurses worked on me.’ 11 live news in Atlanta.

’ I said, “If you can recover from this, you have to change everything,” Sales said.

‘It should be a life-changer.’

Sales has been out of the hospital for about a week, and he says he only feels 30 percent of himself.

He is one of 48 percent of Georgia residents who are currently undiagnosed for COVID.

The state, which does not report cases daily, currently averages about 8,900 new cases per day – a 17 per cent increase over the past two weeks.

More than 78 deaths are being recorded every day, 0.73 for every 100,000 residents and the seventh highest rate of any state.

The recent spike in cases and deaths has also proved to be a problem for hospitals in the state.

more than 6,400 people are hospitalized with the virus, and 96 percent The state’s ICU beds are currently in use – one of the worst of any state.

After seeing the state of hospitals firsthand, Sales understands that getting more Georgians immunized could help ease a dire situation.

“We don’t have our hospitals anymore, they’re COVID centers,” Sales told Newsweek.

‘We need our hospital back, vaccine is the fastest way.’

They have faced some backlash for changing their tune, however, what they previously stood for in the culture war surrounding vaccines is now their opposition.

Sales also blamed social media like Facebook for misinforming himself and others in his community.

Social media is killing people’s lives. Whatever supports your belief will come your way and you will be in that cultural group,’ he said.

‘I’m holding hell to promote the vaccine, but I’m not going to give up,’

‘Hospitals are full, and morgues are full of unrelated patients, and I became a very close one.’

In Coveta County, where Sales serves about 35 miles southwest of Atlanta, 35 percent of residents are fully vaccinated and only less than 40 percent have received at least one shot of the vaccine.

The county has recorded 18,358 COVID-19 cases and 256 deaths from the virus since the pandemic began.


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