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Search operation underway in Georgia On Saturday, a police officer working his first day with a local force was shot dead outside a police station.

Police officer Dylan Harrison, 26, was murdered early Saturday morning in the Alamo, about 124 miles west of Savannah. Macon. Granthshala Affiliate in WGXA-TV informed of.


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This was Harrison’s first shift working part-time with the Alamo Police Department. He was already a full-time Oconee Drug Taskforce agent since 2018.

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Authorities identified the suspect as Damien “Luke” Anthony Ferguson, 43, and said he should be considered armed and dangerous. A reward of $17,000 was being offered for information leading to Ferguson’s arrest.

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Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp posted a message on social media about the tragic loss of Officer Harrison.

“This morning, one of our law enforcement officers in central Georgia died in the line of duty,” Kemp wrote on Twitter. “Our condolences and prayers are with this officer’s family, friends and colleagues at the Alamo Police Department. God be with all those who protect and serve.”

Harrison was the first Alamo officer killed in the line of duty. He leaves behind his wife and 6 months old child.