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Germany’s election ended in a narrow victory, with two parties believing they had the right to form a new government after both fell short of a majority.

The left-leaning Social Democratic Party (SPD) won the most seats and will begin talks to form a coalition government, with the Green or Liberal Democrats leading the way.


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SPD leader Olaf Scholz said he had a “clear mandate” to form the government, but his rival Armin Lachet insisted that he would be the one to form a coalition government instead. BBC informed of.

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“It is quite clear that we have got the mandate to form a government with the parties that saw an increase in their share of the vote in this election – the SPD, the Greens and the FDP,” Scholz told party supporters in Berlin.

Outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) fell short of 10 seats, winning 196 overall. The Green Party won about 118 seats and the Free Democrats (FDP) won 92 seats, leaving them in pole position for a coalition deal.

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“We have got a clear mandate and we will try to form a government under a conservative leadership,” Lasquet said late Sunday.

However, Scholz responded to Lachette’s remarks, saying, “Parties that have lost an election should not try to form a government.”

Any coalition deal would require the simultaneous cooperation of the Green Party and the FDP, as a majority requires 368 votes.

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The SPD’s victory over the CDU is the first in 19 years and the third time in 20 post-war elections. Independent informed of.

Merkel warned that a socialist government could “throttle” trade and isolate Germany on a global scale, urging voters to “think about your future” as they head to the polls. Huh.

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The result, then, took some by surprise, when a reporter told them the results, with President Biden saying “I would be scared”. bloomberg informed of.

“They are solid,” Biden told reporters.