NEW YORK – A man testified Wednesday in the criminal sexual abuse trial of Ghislaine Maxwell that he took teenage girls to the Florida mansion of the late financier Jeffrey Epstein and saw them leave with a hundred-dollar bill.

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The man, who identified himself as Sean, testified that he began dating a woman named Caroline in Florida when he was 17 and she was 14.

Carolyn, who is now in her mid-30s, testified Tuesday that she had a sexual encounter with Epstein in her Palm Beach, Fla., when she was 14 in 2002.


The 59-year-old British socialite has pleaded not guilty to eight counts of sex trafficking and other charges for her alleged role in recruiting and preparing four girls, including Carolyn, to abuse Epstein between 1994 and 2004.

Maxwell’s lawyers have said the memories of his accusers have been corrupted over the years, and that Maxwell is being made a scapegoat for Epstein’s alleged conduct.

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The globetrotting investor died by suicide in 2019 while awaiting his own sexual abuse trial in a Manhattan jail cell.

Carolyn’s case falls within Maxwell’s charge of sex trafficking, as she was allegedly paid for negotiations with Epstein, and reportedly received gifts from Maxwell that were from a New York address at Caroline’s home in Florida. were sent. Carolyn said the encounter with Epstein began as a massage before moving on.

Shawn, now 38, recalls that when Roberts told Carolyn the pair could make money by “massaging a guy,” he first went to Epstein’s house with a girl named Virginia Roberts and Roberts’ boyfriend. .

“She was excited to make money,” said Sean, who has not been charged with wrongdoing in the case.

He said that he and Roberts’ boyfriend saw Roberts and Caroline walk into Epstein’s house, waited for them for more than an hour, and saw them leave the house with a hundred-dollar bill.

Roberts, now known as Virginia Giuffre, is one of Epstein and Maxwell’s most prominent accusers, although he is not expected to testify in Maxwell’s criminal case.

Sean’s account of that first trip largely coincided with Caroline’s version. After that first visit, Sean said that he took Caroline to Epstein’s house every two weeks, and that Caroline would leave with a hundred-dollar bill. Reiterating his ex-girlfriend’s statement on the stand on Tuesday, Sean said, they would use the cash to buy drugs.

When a prosecutor asked him why Caroline didn’t drive herself, Sean replied, “She was too young.”

Sean also recalled that Caroline once received a package of lingerie from a New York address when she was meeting Epstein. He said he also took two other girls, Amanda and Melissa, to Epstein’s house at the time.

Sean said that he never met Maxwell. He remembered that Caroline had told him about a woman named “Maxwell,” whose first name she couldn’t pronounce.

He said he was sometimes asked by Epstein’s staff to schedule a massage appointment for Epstein with Carolyn, to which someone with an English accent did not give his name.

In addition to Caroline, jurors have also heard from women known as Jane and Kate who said they were abused by Epstein as teenagers.

Prosecutors are expected to call the fourth woman identified in Maxwell’s indictment to begin testifying as soon as Wednesday afternoon.

(Reporting by Luke Cohen; Editing by Sandra Maler and Mark Porter)