Giants aren’t displaying any of the traits Joe Judge keeps promising

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Ok. It’s December. The holiday season is here. May there be peace on earth, goodwill towards human beings, happiness, all that. In the spirit of the season, let’s see if we can show some good will and good enthusiasm with the Giants. Let’s see if we can say anything good about them:

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Graham Gano is a great placekicker.

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(Yeah, that might seem like a low bar. But take a look at what kind of day the other kicker in town spent Sunday.)

Gano scored three field goals at Hard Rock Stadium on Sunday afternoon. One traveled 39 yards. One traveled 34 yards. One traveled 51 yards. He attributed the entirety of the right side of the hyphen in this 20–9 defeat to the Dolphins. It’s a great thing to be a very good placekicker for a football team.

When is your very best placekicker the best thing about that team?

It’s not that good.

And thus ends the happy part of this discussion about the Giants. They were terrible in all 60 minutes of this rock fight in South Florida, unable to do anything aggressively, unable to make the game-changing big plays they did a week ago when they were able to steal one from the Eagles. .

Joe Judge yells at Cam Brown during the second half on Sunday.
Getty Images

But it’s actually worse than that, in fact. This is worse than just another loss. The starting quarterback, Daniel Jones, is out with a dysfunctional neck and the backup quarterback, Mike Glennon, suffered an injury, probably because the offensive line is a tread that eventually succumbed to pressure from Miami. The defense was drowned and drowned and charred to death by Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa.

And the judge…

“I saw a lot of things today,” said the Giants coach. “A lot of things are moving in the right direction.”

Yes. About that.

Two weeks ago, after suffering an eye injury in Tampa Bay, we finally saw the angry side of the judge. We finally saw some real flames behind his words. He was on the verge of shooting offensive coordinator Jason Garrett, and almost certainly knew it was going to happen, so maybe that made it easier.

But the judge has to know that we all saw the same game he saw on Sunday.

We should know that we have seen the same team that he has seen for 12 matches this year.

And have to know, deep down, that the positive vibes he’s managed to attract in the first 28 games of his career – 10 wins, 18 losses, if you keep score at home – aren’t going to last forever. Looks like they’ve already stumbled.

The Giants walked off the field after losing to the Dolphins on Sunday.

Judge said, “There is little room for error in this league,” and then he made the mistake, citing the Dolphins, who have lost seven games in a row this season (including one for the Jaguars) have yet to rattle. From five consecutive wins, a nice change that only proves two points:

  1. Things like this can happen with a football team.
  2. So far, under the judge, it hasn’t come close to being for the Giants.

It’s bad enough that Giants fans can watch the NFL Death Star at Foxborough and see that a complete end-to-end rebuild is possible in a year while the Giants work hard in Year 5 of another endless spin . It’s even worse to see Brian Flores, a fellow Bill Belichick disciple, is, in essence, what the judges have been promising here for two years: win with smart, with toughness, with defense and with nerve.

The Giants aren’t smart, burning two more timeouts on Sunday, so they won’t be charged with a game penalty delay. They’re not tough—you hit them in the mouth, they rarely retract. His defense was fine, but still allowed two TDs and two field goals to the Pop-Gun Dolphins. And the judges, normally ready to roll the dice, were startlingly conservative, both in deciding to punt late in the third quarter and not seeking offense to show more urgency in the fourth.

Dolphins are very much in the AFC playoff picture now.

Giants are not, no matter what the math says, no matter how badly one tries to turn and post and pave the way for 7 seeds for them. This will not happen. was never going to happen. The Giants need to see progress this year. There’s only been regression across the board, and they get the Chargers in LA next Sunday. Excellent.

But at least the placekickers are having a good year.


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