Giants owe their fans a 2-0 start

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They all know about tradition, about Eli Manning and Tom Coughlin and Michael Strahan. They have heard or told about Lawrence Taylor charging through the tunnel behind Bill Parcells and an assistant named Bill Belichick. And at 1 p.m. on Sunday, a hungry team driven to end the misery of recent wilderness years will be greeted warmly by a die-hard fan starving for a winner.

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“It’s been a tough few years here, but at the end of the day, we want to give fans something to be proud of,” Saxon Barkley told The Post.

Giants are indebted to their fans. They have been owed better than a decade without a playoff win. They give him a smart, tough, dependable team. They returned home 1–0 with a rookie head coach for the first time since 2016, playing to win.


He has cheated his fans for a long time.

“This program has a rich history of successful teams, and I think if you’re a fan, they work hard to earn their money they’re paying to see us play, they’ll see us win.” Want to see Happened and compete for the championship,” Andrew Thomas told The Post. “That’s what we’re striving every day to achieve.”

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They want them to be louder? They will be loud in the beginning. Keep them tight. Play like the giants for change. Protect your home territory for change. Make it a home of horrors for a change.

Daniel Jones is looking for another postgame celebration in Week 2 as the Giants face the Panthers at MetLife Stadium.
Brian Dabol and Daniel Jones are looking for another postgame celebration in Week 2 as the Giants face the Panthers at MetLife Stadium.

“We want to create an environment that returns to the glory of the New York Giants,” Julian Love told The Post.

This is the first year of the rebuilding of a new regime, so one should not expect miracles. But no one should remind the fan base that the Giants are not a clown show outfit.

“I think this city, this fan base, this community, they love to win. Of course they need to win,” Luv said.

It was the late George Steinbrenner who said: “Victory is the most important thing in my life after I breathe. Breathe first, then win.” No one would be surprised if John Mara, who was holding his press conference in Rock Bottom, NJ at the end of last season, has felt compelled to speak the same words.

“The franchise has a very rich tradition, the fan base was highly expected and had a winning history that they have been a part of over the years,” said Daniel Jones, “so we look forward to doing everything as good as we can every week.” Can play and play.”

The wild-eyed optimist is dreaming of a 4-0 start – with a stretch that includes the Cowboys, minus Dak Prescott and the vulnerable Bears and kicks off against the Panthers on Sunday. The Giants are favored over the Carolinas in a game that only former Panthers and Giants general manager Dave Gettleman will call the Gettleman Bowl, with Christian McCaffrey dueling Barkley in the 2017 and 2018 first-round picks battles. But rookie GM Joe Schoen of Dabol and the Giants has only started what he hopes will be a sweet, flawless climb from 23 wins in the franchise’s last 82 games.

“We know we can get the job done, we know we can go in and win these games,” Xavier McKinney told The Post. “We’ve got a great coaching staff who is really helping us and leading us in the right direction.”

Dabol won the hearts and minds of his team as well as the fan base when he went for 2 – and with Barkley – at the end of the Titans’ upset. It could be a different team, and Jones could be a different quarterback with a healthy, motivated Barkley showing as the best weapon on the field on any given Sunday. That coaching staff includes defensive coordinator Vink Martindale, who will have a plan for McCaffrey, Baker Mayfield, and Panthers offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo.

Saxon Barclay
Saxon Barclay
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Culture change doesn’t always work. Previous coaching changes – from McAdoo to Pat Shurmur to Joe Judge – didn’t work. Dabol is real. Same-boy-everyday straight-shooter. a leader. a supporter. an aggressive mind. An unassuming dancer. On a scale of 1-10, why did Leonard Williams rate him just 9?

“He’s small,” Williams said.

Here’s a look at what the team said fans should expect on Sunday:

McKinney: “They will see a team that is hungry, that is competitive and that is not being satisfied with just one win.”

Barkley: “You can’t promise to win or lose in this league. It’s a tough league, so many ups and downs. But a team that can get out there and never give up and fight. Full of patience a team.”

For long-suffering True Blue loyalists, a team that can’t promise damage will at least be a start. But just a start.

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