Giants provide Daniel Jones update as quarterback situation clears up

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Tucson, Ariz. — The latest episode of How the Quarterback Turns touches down on Wednesday in the Sonoran Desert.

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Daniel Jones has not been cleared for re-contact, and Giants coach Joe Judge said there is no indication at this point that a strained neck has forced Jones to side.

After Jones examined his neck in Los Angeles on Monday, Ronnie Barnes, senior vice president of medical services, was traveling to see neck specialist Dr. Robert Watkins. The concern is that if Jones plays, he could cause further damage to the neck, which suffered some structural damage in the week 11 loss in Tampa.


“I think it’s part of the caution right now, so we don’t create long-term concerns,” Judge said before veterans practice at the University of Arizona.

As for the Giants’ immediate quarterback needs, Mike Glennon remains in concussion protocol, but the judge said he is confident Glennon will be cleared and out of protocol later in the week. If that happens, Glennon will start Sunday against the Chargers in Los Angeles, the judge said.

Daniel Jones at Giants practices on December 2, 2021.
Charles Weinzelberg/New York Post
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Jake Froome, signed from the Bills’ practice squad last week, took first-team snaps in practice. Glennon was on the side during the morning walk-through but Glennon was expected to participate in the afternoon session as he proceeds through the five-step protocol.

If Glennon completes practice on Friday, he will be cleared to play as long as he passes tests given by an outside neurologist.

Mike Glennon suffered an injury during the Giants' loss to the Dolphins.
Mike Glennon suffered an injury during the Giants’ loss to the Dolphins.
Getty Images

“We have to put him through some designed drills to make sure he’s safe on Sunday for sure, just like we did with Daniels coming out of a Dallas game,” Judge Jones Referring to those who had gone through the concussion protocol earlier. Without missing a single game this season.

“We have nothing at this point that would say [Glennon] Won’t clear, so we’re waiting to see where it goes.”

Jones, as he was last week, was on the field, throwing up and wearing a red non-contact jersey looking like any other quarterback. Unlike last week, there’s no mention of Jones getting ready to play this next game.

“There is no immediate timeline, it can change quickly, it can change over time,” the judge said. “Talking to the doctors and the medical team, there are some things they are waiting for, we have to ensure that he is cleared for contact. When it comes to neck, back, things of that nature, we are not going to take any risk with our players.

The thing is, Jones doesn’t seem to be hurt in any way. He can walk and throw as if nothing is wrong, yet the strain on his neck prevents him from playing.

“I’m not saying it’s easy for him,” the judge said. “I think Daniel does a great job of being very level-headed and very collected. When he has something to say he can walk into my office and talk to me at any time and we Can talk about it. He takes it even further when it comes to being around other players.

The Giants are 4-8 and have five quarterbacks: Jones, Glennon and Froome on the roster and Brian Laverke and newly signed Clayton Thorson on the practice team.

Glennon started against the Dolphins and completed 23 of 44 passes for 187 yards and one interception. The Giants failed to score a touchdown. The Giants later revealed that he suffered an injury at some point in the game.

The Giants signed Froome after Jones was diagnosed with a neck problem, not knowing that Glennon would suffer an injury, leaving Froome next in line to start. He added that getting first team reps on Wednesday was “fun, you feel like a football player.”

Getting Froome ready to play is a hasty task, compounded by quarterback coach Jerry Shuplinsky, who has been working remotely after testing positive for COVID-19. For on-field tutoring, Fromm is working with aggressive quality control assistant coach Nick Williams.

“You’re preparing for a final exam where you didn’t appear for any classes,” Fromm said.

Yes. It’s like cramming for that exam.

“Things will be said in a meeting, don’t know exactly what that is,” Fromm said. “‘Hey Daniel, what is it?’ And he will do me a favor and prepare it for me.”

Fromm’s own parents, back home in Georgia, are on alert. If he finds out he is starting Sunday, he will fly to Los Angeles. Otherwise no travel.

“I would love it,” said Froome, a former University of Georgia star. “Dream come true. Something I wanted to do as a kid growing up. There’s an opportunity, especially for an organization like the New York Giants, that would be incredible.”

Incredible, but, at this point, unlikely.


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