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Virginia Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin took aim at former Governor Terry McAuliffe, who abruptly ended an interview and scolded a reporter. Youngkin said the former governor is “losing it”, pointing to another heated exchange in recent weeks between McAuliffe and local police.

After shortening the interview on Tuesday, McAuliffe criticized the reporter for his rebuke, telling him “you should have asked better questions”.


“These are not such difficult questions,” Youngkin said. “‘How are you going to fix our schools and what are you going to do to make our community safer?'”

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“And here’s Terry McAuliffe, who won’t even answer a local reporter’s questions. He yells at the sheriff. He barks at people all the time. I think he’s losing it because he knows it’s race than him. going away.”

McAuliffe claimed in the interview that her two main priorities are health and education. However, Youngkin blames the policies established by McAuliffe as governor for recent conflicts with school boards.

“Loudown County has long been ground zero about what has happened in education, but it is the culmination of what has been going on since Terry McAuliffe was governor,” Youngkin said on “Granthshala & Friends” .

He said McAuliffe has lowered the standard for Virginia schools and has repeatedly tried to keep parents away from their children’s education.

McAuliffe is now the target of a GOP ad campaign in which the former governor appears to say, “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.”

Youngkin’s campaign ad uses McAuliffe’s words to show its stand against schools influencing parents

“Terry McAuliffe is on the wrong side of the issue. He knows it,” Youngkin said. “He wants the government to control our children, and the parents have no part of it.”

Youngkin has called for a full investigation into the Loudoun County School Board, citing “gross negligence” after allegedly covering up the sexual assault.

“Instead of investigating parents standing up for their children, the Justice Department should investigate the Loudoun County School Board and counsel for the Commonwealth,” Youngkin said.

“Our kids can’t wait.”