OTTAWA – Global Affairs would not confirm whether Canadians are among a group of two missionaries freed from kidnappers in Haiti.

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On Sunday, Christian aid ministries said two of the 17 missionaries kidnapped in Haiti on October 16 had been released, though the organization could not name, why they were freed or provide any other information.

The kidnapped group includes 16 US citizens and one Canadian citizen, five of whom are children.


On Monday, Global Affairs Canada could not confirm Canadian citizen status.

“Canada takes this situation very seriously and continues to cooperate with Haitian and US police officers as well as implicated NGOs on this incident,” a spokesperson for the agency wrote in an emailed statement to

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“Due to the provisions of the Privacy Act, no further information can be disclosed.”

The Haitian gang known as the 400 Mawzo have claimed responsibility for the kidnapping and are demanding US$1 million per person for their release. It is not clear whether children are included in that figure.

On 12 November, Canada temporarily withdrew non-essential staff from its embassy in Haiti due to an increase in mass violence in the country.

With files from The Associated Press and The Canadian Press