Golden Globe: The awarding committee reportedly has zero black members

    According to a new expose by The LA Times

    The Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA), the committee behind the Golden Globe Awards, has no black members, a new exposé claims.

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    According to an original report by The la times – Whose details have been reshared Hollywood reporter – There is no black member of the HFPA among its 87-strong membership.

    Additionally, it has been claimed that HFPA is paying substantial sums to members to serve as officers and committees. The committee, ostensibly a nonprofit, accuses its own members of paying substantial amounts of money to serve on boards.

    It is also claimed by The la times HFPA has provided perking from studios and networks, whose project members later write and vote on, such as staying in an alleged five-star hotel for a junkyard in France that has recently been criticized for a critically malicious TV series Golden Globe can help explain nomination Emily in paris.

    you can read The la times‘Expose here.

    Tom Hanks. Credit: Kevin Winter / Getty Images

    According to the report, last year Norwegian journalist Kjersti Fla filed a lawsuit against the HFPA alleging that the organization was denying him and other qualified journalists a potential income by preventing them from becoming members.

    Flaa claimed the move was to protect the selling price of current members’ reports in various international territories, as all HFPA members must be LA-based and provide coverage for media outlets in a country or countries outside the US should do. The lawsuit was dismissed, but The la times Decided to dig deep.

    Since then, The la times Current HFPA members have been interviewed who claim that the organization has rejected “well-trusted foreign journalists” in favor of those who are “not serious journalists”. An anonymous member told the publication: “We accept people who are not real journalists because they are not a threat to anyone.”

    In responses, an HFPA spokesman told the paper that Flaca’s claims are “completely false”, but said the organization is committed to addressing the “lack of diversity”.

    This year’s Golden Globe nominations were criticized, with predominantly black cast films and TV shows praised.

    Michela Cole’s I may hear you Not a single nomination was received, and movies are also included Da 5 blood, Judas and the Black Messiah, Ma raini’s black bottom And United States Vs Billy Holiday The two Best Picture categories of the awards were dropped.

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