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Alphabet Inc. Google said it was delaying its essential return-to-office plans that were due for US offices starting January 10 at the earliest.

The tech company said it would wait until next year to decide when its office-return plan would take effect, according to an email Google’s vice president of global security, Chris Racko, sent to employees on Thursday. Google’s relocation office-reopening plan was first reported by CNBC.


Google previously said it would not call employees back to the office full time and was instead taking a hybrid-work approach.

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Currently, more than 90% of Google’s US offices are open to employees who are still allowed to work from home, Mr Racko said. About 40% of American workers have come to the office in recent weeks.

Google will welcome some US employees to the office in April

“While you will not be required to return to the office on January 10th, we encourage you to continue to come where conditions permit, to reconnect with coworkers in person and the muscles of being in the office more regularly. start reclaiming the memory of,” Mr. Racko said. He said the transition to hybrid work will vary across the country depending on local conditions.

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Other tech companies have also delayed their return to the office plans. Amazon.com Inc. proceeded in octoberAnd After a delay of several months from the date of an official withdrawal and the decision to require employees to work from office to corporate team directors dropped.