Former Google employee Taras Kobernik is facing everything after he was fired from the tech giant for questioning the company’s equity training.

Kobernick has since written a memo detailing how he had an affair while working for the Big Tech giant and told “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Wednesday that it included racially “harmful” behavior.

“In my memo, I tried to list the various things I encountered during my time at Google. The things I didn’t get right were also disruptive and long-term damaging to racial relations,” he said. said. “So Google was basically downvoting things that should have been improved.”

The GOOGLE ‘diversity chief’ who posted anti-Semitic comments while staying with the company

The former employee explained that writing down workplace concerns was a commonly used form of expression at Google, which her manager encouraged her to do after speaking out against equity training.

But after submitting his concerns in writing, Kobernick was immediately asked to remove his document because it was flagged as “inappropriate” and “offensive.”

“I eventually refused to delete the document and that’s when Google fired me.”

“Verbally I was told that some sections of the document were questioning the lived experiences of people of color criticizing fellow employees or even that I was using the word ‘genetics’ in a racial context. was,” he explained.

Kobernick said he was somewhat surprised that Google took the extreme measure of letting him go when he had the opportunity to handle and “bury” the whole situation, rather than allow it to escalate.

In a statement, Google denied that Kobernick was fired over the memo, saying he was let go because of multiple instances of “disruptive behavior.”

“This employee in our Zurich office was absolutely not terminated for writing this or any other memo. Discussion and criticism of workplace policies is fine, but in this case about their adversary and disruptive, over 11 over two years. Received complaints and 7 warnings. Behavior in the workplace, including excluding other employees. Like any other workplace, we have rules against this,” a Google spokesperson wrote.