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Congressional Republicans are blaming the Biden administration for soaring coal prices — and even a decrease not seen in decades — as temperatures cool and Americans turn on their heaters.


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“The Biden administration’s disastrous economic agenda has targeted our fossil fuel industry and created labor shortages at a time when demand for coal is high because of its affordability and reliability as an energy source,” Rep. Liz Cheney, R. —Voy., told Granthshala Business in a statement.

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He said coal is “essential” to his state’s economy.

Cheney said: “With families already feeling the effects of rising inflation, the administration should reverse its attacks on the energy industry and instead create policies that expand domestic energy production and put more people into the workforce.” Enable login again.”

Liz Cheney

Energy prices have been rising in recent months, and coal shortages are affecting economies around the world. NS wall street journal US coal reserves at power plants are lower than they were in the 1970s, and coal prices are higher than in more than a decade, it reported Tuesday.

The Journal reported that several factors are putting constraints on the supply of coal, including a reduction in production capacity as other fossil fuels have taken over its market share. According to the paper, nationwide supply chain conflicts are also contributing.

Representative Kelly Armstrong

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“The supply chain crisis brought on by the failed policies of the Biden administration is causing a shortage in the economy, including the resources needed to meet our energy demands,” Rep. Kelly Armstrong, RN.D. told Granthshala Business.

“We must empower energy producers in North Dakota and across the country to provide baseload electricity to millions of Americans, not burden them with more regulations and red tape that do nothing to make our air and water cleaner.” The Congressman continued.

Cynthia Lumis

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“One of the biggest problems facing coal companies is a labor shortage, which is made worse by the Biden administration’s COVID-19 policies,” Sen. Cynthia Lumis, R-Vio, said in a statement.

“The Biden administration’s hostility to US mineral extraction and energy production is damaging, and I want the Biden administration to support all US energy production efforts instead,” she also said. “This will reduce the high demands we are seeing not only on coal but also on oil and natural gas. Anything less is ignoring reality and forcing Americans to rely on foreign competitors for their energy needs.” Has been doing.”

Sen. Joe Manchin, DW.Va., who was once a critic of Biden’s energy policies, did not respond to a request for comment for this story. The White House declined to comment.