EXCLUSIVE: Sen. Bill Hettie, R-Speak on Wednesday, wrote President Biden on his administration’s rollback of the Migrant Security Protocol (MPP), warning that it could threaten thousands of migrants and American communities flowing into the country.

In a letter to Biden, Haggerty has expressed “grave concern” about reports that the MPP – known as Riemen-in-Mexico – is being terminated by the administration, and warns that Such a step can be particularly harmful when combined with other immigration policies.

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The letter received by Granthshala News stated, “The abolition of the MPP will abandon a significant diplomatic achievement, abuse our liberal asylum laws and endanger American communities.”

“In addition, it will increase the harm from your other unilateral actions on immigration, including: preventing almost all deportations of illegal immigrants, including violent criminals; preventing the construction of the border wall demanded by law personnel at the borderline ; And opening up; the door to accept migrants citing the need to flee climate change, “the senator said.

The Trump administration established and expanded the MPP during the 2019 migrant crisis as part of a broader agreement with Mexico, and praised it as a key issue in its efforts to end “catch-and-release” – The interior of America by which migrants were released

Instead, the MPP hires migrants in Mexico as they await their immigration hearings. Proponents say the policy eliminated an important pull factor that brought migrants north, while critics say it is cruel and puts migrants in Mexico at risk.

Biden promised to end the program and ordered a review of the program. Last week DHS announced that it would begin processing migrants placed in the program – estimating that the protocol had 25,000 individuals enrolled who still have active cases.

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“As President Biden has made clear, the US government is committed to rebuilding a safe, well-organized and humane immigration system,” Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas Said in a statement. “This latest action is another step in our commitment to reform immigration policies that do not align with our country’s values.”

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The move, along with other immigration moves such as halting wall construction and demanding a 100-day moratorium on postponement – has left Republicans in awe, warning of a new border crisis.

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In his letter, Hegarty outlined the Trump administration’s MPP agreement with Mexico as an “unprecedented and highly successful partnership” and cited figures that Mexico arrested 145,682 migrants. He If the policy was to end, a new border crisis was also warned, and it was estimated that more than 30,000 could be waited south of the border.

“Once it is abundantly clear that the border is open, tens and hundreds of thousands more will follow. In fact, this will result in mass imports equivalent to new towns and cities in the United States – Cookville, Tennessee, The medium-sized city in my state, has about 30,000 inhabitants, for example, ”he said.

HAGty also said in the context of the COVID epidemic, “We need to focus on defeating the virus and getting Americans back to work and school, not issuing flood invitations to undocumented migrants in our country.”

He Biden was asked to answer several questions – if migrants would be released into the general population, if they would be given a work permit, if they would be eligible to receive the vaccine, and if they were found, they would be removed . To be unfit for asylum.

Biden also hopes to unveil a new immigration bill in the coming days, which will pave the way for citizenship for millions of illegal migrants – though that bill will face stiff opposition from Republicans.