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Texas Gov. Greg Abbott promised residents of the Lone Star state that there would be “lights on” this winter following the near collapse of the state’s electrical system last February.

asked by Granthshala 7 As for his views and beliefs about the power grid, Abbott said he is “very confident” because he has signed “about a dozen laws that make the power grid more effective.”


Government of the Republic of Texas. Greg Abbott’s files will run for re-election

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According to Granthshala 7, power generators throughout Texas must notify the Public Utilities Commission of winter weather plans by December 1. Inspections are due to begin in January.

“I can guarantee the lights will be on,” said the Republican governor.

A Home Depot parking lot is covered with snow in the Westbury neighborhood, Monday, February 15, 2021, in Houston.

Abbott also spoke about the natural gas industry’s efforts to prepare for colder temperatures and winter weather.

“I’ve talked to some natural gas pipeline transmitters, and they’re also winterizing which most people don’t know about,” Abbott said.

“The most important approach is [Electric Reliability Council of Texas] Unlike last year, this year has been taken. Last year they were reactive, waiting until a crisis mode before summoning more power, more energy, now the way ERCOT works, do they work days ago to summon that power to ensure Maybe they will have enough power to keep the lights on. ,

Vehicles work to clear an intersection during a winter storm in Oklahoma City, Sunday, February 14, 2021.

Last February, a winter storm swept across the US, leaving more than 4 million customers in Texas out of power. Several people have died trying to keep warm, including a 60-year-old man found dead on his bed in his cold home and a Houston-area family who died of carbon monoxide as their car idled in their garage. Was.

The Associated Press contributed to this article.