Government ‘failing’ as schools told to ‘stock up on tinned food’ – live

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Nadim Zahavi riots in BBC interview about teachers’ salaries

Ministers have been accused of “failing” schools after experiencing some disruptions and have been asked to stock up on tinned food amid supply chain issues – just a month into the new academic year.

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Sir Ed Davey, leader of the Liberal Democrats, wrote to Education Secretary Nadim Zahawi urging school governors and local councilors to meet to discuss the crisis, while Labor’s shadow education secretary Kate Green accused the Tories of “putting their heads in the sand”. Buried”. .

This comes after the emergence of one of Britain’s largest canteen suppliers wrote to the school’s catering staff advising them to top up on “long life, dried, tinned and frozen products to ensure Maybe some form of food will always be available”.


The ISS, which supplies 450 schools, said the availability of food for school canteens was being affected by a shortage of HGV drivers, as well as staff shortages and delays in imports, according to an email seen by ITV.

As a result, Ms Green called for a plan to recruit and train more lorry drivers to reduce the shortage, saying: “No school should be left without a supply of food, and no child should go hungry. “

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France mounts pressure on Britain over fishing rights after Brexit

The chairman of the European Parliament’s Committee on Fisheries, Pierre Karlskind, has warned that bilateral cooperation between the EU and the UK could be at risk due to tensions:

Sam Hancock8 October 2021 08:37

‘Secret’ PPE contract awarded to Tory donor now £11m. belongs to

Following my last post, Boris Johnson’s government has been urged to end “privacy” when it emerged that a COVID contract assigned to the firm of a Conservative Party donor was still under wraps 18 months later.

Clipper Logistics – whose boss has donated £730,000 to the Tories – won a deal to deliver personal protective equipment (PPE) last year without facing a rival bid.

Government figures show the deal was renewed at £650,000 a month for the firm’s services – meaning the contract cost the taxpayer an estimated £11m, reports Adam Forrest.

‘Secret’ PPE contract awarded to Tory donor’s firm is now £11m. belongs to

Labor says government should publish contract details kept secret even after 18 months

Sam Hancock8 October 2021 08:25

Starrer condemns ‘crony contracts’ awarded during Kovid

Here are some more from Sir Keir Starmer’s interview bbc breakfast, during which the Labor leader said he would pay for his party’s commitments by cutting “waste in the system”.

Referring to the “crony contracts” assigned during the pandemic, he said:

“Don’t tell me that money is not available, the government is holding elections. I wonder if anyone fights with the idea that we need to cut out this billions of pounds of waste. How can there be so much waste in the system right? So we’ll deal with that waste by building an office for money.

“But when it comes to taxation, the big difference between us and the government is that the government wants to tax people working through national insurance, we say it should be the broadest one.

“In the example I have given several times and put before the Prime Minister, under his scheme to tax the National Insurance Scheme, a landlord with multiple properties does not pay a single penny more. But that landlord’s tenants who are on the job will have to pay a tax increase that the prime minister said he would not impose on them when they go to general elections in 2019. that can not be right. “

When pressed, however, Sir Keir would not name an income figure on which people would pay more tax under his Labor government.

Sam Hancock8 October 2021 08:19

Starmer accuses PM of ‘taunting the poorest people’ over UC cut

Sir Keir Starmer has accused the government of “effectively turning on the poorest people in our society” over dismantling Universal Credit regeneration.

to speak on bbc breakfast, the labor leader said that families “direly need that uplift in universal debt so that it can be met”.

“And it comes, this cut, at the worst possible time because prices are rising,” he continued.

“Whether it’s fuel or food, or energy prices, and it’s going to push families and children into poverty and it’s just so wrong for the government to turn on the poorest people as we come out of the pandemic.”

Sam Hancock8 October 2021 08:09

Lib Dems accuses Tories of ‘failing again’ over school supply issues

Now more on the lack of school meals. Sir Ed Davey, leader of the Liberal Democrats, has written to Education Secretary Nadim Zahawi, calling for urgent meeting with school caterers, school governors and local councillors to discuss the crisis after the party heard about “wonderful issues” with food shortages. Do it.

In his letter to Mr Jahvi, Sir Ed said:

“Across the country, I have heard from Liberal Democrat councilors and schools about some serious issues with the disruption of meals for our children in our schools.

“Parents have endured a lot and worked very hard during the pandemic but it seems your government has failed them again. The least you can do is ensure hot meals for their kids at their school.

“For months after you and your fellow ministers have been warned about the effects on our economy and our everyday lives, we are now seeing this reality come true. For you not to have this on your radar is both surprising and a shocking hijacking of leadership. “

Sam Hancock8 October 2021 08:05

Schools asked to ‘stock tinned food’ amid fears of shortage

Schools have been urged to stock up on food ahead of anticipated shortages, accusing the government of “failing” those already facing supply disruptions.

One of the largest canteen suppliers in the UK has written to school catering staff advising them to stock up on frozen and tinned food to ensure children are fed properly in winter, reports Eleanor Sly.

The ISS, which supplies 450 schools, told parents in a statement that “their ability to continue to provide nutritious school meals is not being impacted by the well-publicized shortage of items that the UK is currently experiencing.” However a leaked email from the supplier – seen by ITV – suggests some schools are already being urged to immediately stock up on dried, freezer and tinned food.

The Labor and Lib Dems accused the government of not doing enough on supply chain issues.

Schools asked to stock canned food amid fears of shortage

Leading caterers have written to hundreds of schools alerting them to the problems of ‘sourcing, packing and distribution’.

Sam Hancock8 October 2021 08:01

good morning and welcome GranthshalaRolling Politics Blog. Stay tuned as we bring you the latest updates as supply chain issues continue to wreak havoc among industries.

Sam Hancock8 October 2021 07:55




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