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Comedians Louis CK and Dave Chappelle received Grammy nominations from the Recording Academy on Tuesday despite being at the forefront of highly publicized scandals.

The Academy announced its selection to those it deemed suitable for nomination. CK received a bid for best comedy album with “Honestly Louis CK”, while Chappelle scored a single for best spoken word album with “8:46” – a response to the anger surrounding the George Floyd protests. Beach documents a standup special focused on violence against black Americans. ,


CK, 54 — who previously admitted to exposing himself to women after several accusations — immediately fell into controversy and poked fun at the sexual misconduct in “Honestly Louis CK.”

The disgraced comic has continued with his stand-up career after a hiatus, headlining New York City’s Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden in August, where he performed in front of a giant sign that read “Sorry.”

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As for Chappelle, he recently found himself in the thick of social media backlash after realizing his last Netflix special, “The Closer,” deeply shadowed the transgender community.

After the special, many called for its removal by the streaming giant, and a group of Netflix employees staged a walkout in October to protest.

Jon Stewart says Dave Chappelle Netflix controversy is result of ‘miscommunication’, comic not ‘hurt man’

In response, Chappell said: “For the transgender community, I’m ready to give you an audience, but you won’t call me. I’m not succumbing to anyone’s demands. And if you want to meet me, I’ll be there.” be more than desired.”

He shared the message in a video posted to his Instagram, adding some “conditions” that needed to be met before a meeting could take place.

Finding herself at the end of a Grammy nomination is accused of sexual predator Marilyn Manson, who was named a contributor to Kanye West’s “Donda”, nominated for album of the year and for its track. Best Rap Song for “Jail.”

Dave Chappelle’s Netflix Special Facing Cancellation Leaves Critics After Trans comments

Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos strongly defended Dave Chappelle against public and social media calls for the streaming platform to remove Chappell's special,

Recording Academy announces 2022 Grammy nominations under new rules

Manson – whose real name is Brian Warner – is facing multiple allegations of sexual assault and abuse.

Recording Academy CEO Harvey Mason Jr. Rolling stone It “won’t restrict those who can submit their material for consideration.”

Marilyn Manson, a Grammy-nominated, has denied allegations of sexual assault and abuse against her, calling them 'horrific distortions of reality', despite high legal battles raging her.

“We will not look back at people’s histories, we will not look at their criminal records, we will not look at anything other than legality within our rules, whether this recording is eligible for this job by date and other criteria. then they can submit it for consideration,” Mason told the publication in a statement.

“What we will control is our stages, our shows, our events, our red carpets,” he continued. “We will take a look at anyone who is asking to be part of this, and we will make our decisions at that point. But we are not going to go into the business of restricting people from making decisions from handing over their work to our voters. until you take it.”