Grand Theft Auto Amid Violent Video Games Banned In Illinois

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    A representative of the state of Chicago wants to stop the sale of violent games that promote criminal activity

    Illinois State Rep. Marcus Evans Jr. has introduced a bill that would ban the sale of violent video games Grand Theft Auto.

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    According to Chicago Sun-Times, Representative Evans Jr. will amend a 2012 law that bans the sale of violent video games depicting “psychological harm” and “motor vehicle theft with a driver or passenger.” Games to be banned will have Rockstar Games titles Grand theft autoOr franchise.

    The move was prompted by an increase in carjacking in Chicago. Evans Jr. said: “The bill will prohibit the sale of some of these games that promote activities that are suffering in our communities.”

    The bill also changed the definition of “violent video games” Grand theft auto One in which the player “controls a character within a video game that is encouraged to end human-on-human violence, in which the player severely inflicts physical or psychological harm on or kills another human or animal is.”

    In other Grand theft auto News, Take-Two and Rockstar Games have shut down a major GTA online cheat maker.

    LunaCheats, a popular source for the GTA online hack, took off after a discussion with the publisher. The website no longer exists and GTA will no longer maintain, develop or distribute its hack, apologizing to the online community.

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