Grandmother recalls horror of Waukesha Christmas parade attack

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TeaHe raised the American flag at half-mast on Monday in Waukesha, Wisconsin as locals waited and wept at a favorite watering hole for the shuttle to alert them to the victims killed a day earlier at the Milwaukee suburb’s annual Christmas parade. Were were

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Vigilance was being held in a park about half a mile from The Destination, mourners were gathering close to the tragic scene where an SUV driver killed five people and injured dozens on Sunday, including The “dancing granny” and a higher group were included. school band.

Tricia Tucker, 52, witnessed the whole disaster; She lives in a condo building downtown in a Milwaukee suburb, 25 minutes from the Wisconsin capital. Grandmothers were attending a parade with their children, grandchildren, other friends and relatives on Sunday when the day of celebration turned into tragedy as a 39-year-old man allegedly plowed into the crowd with a long wrap sheet Of.


No one is quite sure why this happened – but Ms Tucker will never forget it.

“I’m grabbing the kids to get them off the street,” she says Granthshala, “My eldest son, he saw people getting hit. He saw people running… [and] Runs to help.”

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As she describes it, she “catches the kids by their jackets, throws them into my building—because the doors, when they close, they shut.”

“I’m screaming for everyone who can hear me running to my place,” she says—as she runs outside to find her youngest daughter, 18, who is home from boarding school for the holidays. she came.

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Ms. Tucker says, “I run back inside thinking she might have come back in, and I didn’t see her.” “I go back to my community room [of the condo building], My son-in-law was holding my 18-month-old grandson, covering up my 25-year-old daughter, who is eight months pregnant – lying on the floor, hiding behind a coach – because all we knew at the time?

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“There’s a vehicle plowing people” – compounded by rumors of the driver taking out a weapon and becoming an active shooter.

When this type of chaos strikes a small town in the heartland of America, it’s initially hard to figure out what’s going on—and given the events going on in nearby Kenosha, Wisconsin, over the past year People got scared.

Ms. Tucker was “running down the street, calling her name,” she says of her quest to find her daughter, Maia. “I’m driving people out of the way… and I’m shouting his name, and I run up to a body; that’s not him.

“I went to the other body; it’s not his… I’m just running away, and I’m screaming, screaming, ‘Has anyone seen my daughter?'”

She adds: ‘I stopped to help a guy in the marching band. His legs were bent under him, and that was the look on his face, and I think he was in shock—and his eyes were so wide, and he was trembling.”

A few minutes later, she says, she found Maya.

“I’m just turning for a few blocks, and then I turn — with my back to my place — and I’m literally on my knees. And that was it. She heard me screaming for her.”


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