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in new book all american christmas“Christmas reminds me how blessed I am,” says Shannon Bream of Granthshala News Channel.

This holiday time of year, music figures prominently in the essay she shares with readers, as she details her Christmas memories, traditions, feelings, and more.


Her birthday, by the way, is December 23rd – and she writes, “Having a birthday on December 23rd isn’t as bad as it might seem. Yes, everyone is so excited about and looking forward to Christmas, but I do Never felt like my birthday wasn’t noticed [during all the holiday celebrations],

She adds, “And who can hate Christmas, especially when your parents give you Noel’s middle name in honor of [this] wonderful holiday? And who can complain about the festive season when you’re sent home from the hospital on Christmas Day and tied up in a red stocking?”

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Bream also describes how his own mother was “a music teacher, a pianist and guitarist, and a very good singer. I play the piano and sing a little bit.”

She continues, “As a young woman, I was involved in all church events, especially at Christmas, and I love love, love, Christmas music, reenactments of the biblical story of the birth of Jesus, Luke 2 aloud from the Gospel, and the choir sang Christmas songs and hymns.”

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Bream, anchor of “Granthshala News @ Night with Shannon Bream,” is also the network’s chief legal correspondent covering the Supreme Court.

In addition, she is the author of Number One new York Times Best-seller from Granthshala News Books, Women of the Bible speak.

In all american christmas, Bream reveals an important point about his love of Christmas tunes.

“I don’t limit my enjoyment of Christmas music to November through December,” she says. “I can be on a treadmill… at the gym in mid-July, and if a Christmas song pops up on my playlist, I’ll never ‘skip.'”

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“It’s more likely I’ll pick up the pace because those songs get me so excited,” Bream says with infectious good enthusiasm.

Check out seven of her favorite Christmas tunes, including her commentary on one of the songs listed below.

Shannon Bream’s Christmas Playlist from the Book ‘All American Christmas’

“The First Noel” – BeBe and CeCe Winans. By

“Gloria” – by Michael W. Smith

“A strange way to save the world” – 4Him. By

“Grown-Up Christmas List” – by Amy Grant

“All Is Well” – by Michael W. Smith and Carrie Underwood

“Don’t Save It All for Christmas Day” – by Avalon (with astronomically wonderful lead vocals by my friend Jodie McBrayer)

“Mary, do you know?” — by Michael English

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from the book all american christmas by Rachel Campos-Duffy and Sean Duffy. To buy a copy, Click here,