‘Gray’s Anatomy’: Sloan and Lexie Not Had Happy Head Ending an Alternate Universe

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    On TV dramas, it seems that some couples are just meant to be. Mark Sloan and Lexie Gray were such doubles Gray anatomy. Maybe they were locked up again, but they made such a cute couple that everyone was furious for them.

    Even though his story ended in tragedy, some people think that he worked in an alternate universe. Can Sloan and Gray really make it work, though? Some fans do not think so.

    Some couples just get together

    Sloan and Lexie on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’. Randy Holmes / Getty Disney Television via Getty Images)

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    Sloan and Gray both feel that they have their ups and downs during their relationship. Sloan was well known as a woman, and as a ‘male prostitute’ by more than one woman on the show.

    He Even with a little thought, jump into relationships, the women involved can be interested in something more than a one-night stand.

    In contrast, Gray did not have many relationships. She They dated Jackson Avery for some time, and things looked like they would work for the pair. He Things ended when he realized that Gray was still interested in Sloan. He Also thought that it might be a hindrance in his career in plastics.

    Gray also dated Alex Karev, but that relationship was not there either. He Was still in love with his former Izzy Stevens. Gray’s second relationship was not a true one.

    She A crush on George O’Malley was developed, but he never felt that he had feelings for her. Which was good, given that it would be strange to see his former crush Meredith Gray as her sister-in-law.

    The time was never right

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    One of the greatest tragedies about the entire Slexie affair was that the time was never right. Sloan could not come to terms with the fact that Gray was much younger than him.

    He Didn’t mind doing a one-night stand with a younger woman, but he couldn’t seem to wrap his head around marrying her. It didn’t help that Derek Shepherd forbade the relationship from happening.

    For her part, Gray really loved Sloan. She Not ready to deal with his daughter Sloan, and was horrified to learn that the woman was pregnant. Gray said that she was not ready to be a grandmother at the tender age of 26, and ended their relationship due to Sloan’s refusal to become a grandfather.

    Sloan and Gray tried again, but when Callie Torres announced that she was pregnant with Sloan’s child. This was another major setback and Gray ended the relationship. After that, Sloan began dating another doctor, who envied Gray greatly. She Realizes that she really loves him, but when she tells him, Sloan gives no answer. Then came the tragic plane crash that ended their relationship forever.

    Is there hope in an alternate universe?

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    Not everyone was onboard with Slexie, as shocking as that is. a reddit The user started a post about whether Sloan and Gray would have made it to an alternate universe titled “Ready for the alternative”. In a surprising turn of events, many fans actually agreed. Even more surprising was that many of them were inherent to Celexi.

    The fact that Sloan was such a big rep to cheat, and the age difference was the biggest reason everyone thought the relationship would fail. Even though there were signs that the love was genuine, many felt it was great to overcome those factors. However, others had different theories.

    A fan wrote, “He One was ready to settle and raise a family, and she was just starting and wanted to slow things down. “Another fan said,” I think they may have followed the same path as Calzonum. One of them would have been hurt to overcome, which would have strained the relationship as he did to others on the plane. Did with. ”

    Still, many fans hope Sloan and Gray found love in later life. Many factors that prevented him from making it in life no longer matter. While there is no evidence of this, it is a comforting thought for those who regret losing Sloan and Gray.

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