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Democrats are trying to impose the biggest tax increase on American taxpayers since 1968. His law raises taxes on small businesses and will leave America with a higher capital gains tax than communist China and a higher corporate tax than all of our economic competitors.

His plan would be the biggest tax increase in 53 years, as the country tries to recover from the once-in-a-century pandemic.


Democrats have loaded the bill with so many “awake” handouts they’d prefer you didn’t notice. Below is a top ten list of the most surprising objects.

1. Green New Deal $3.5 Billion for Youth Patrol: A Make-Work Program for Unemployed Climate Activists

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At a time when small businesses can’t find willing workers, the Democrat bill shovels $3.5 billion of your money so D.C. bureaucrats can create something called the “Civilian Climate Corps”—a make-work program for young climate activists. .

Anti-tax group report warns $3.5 trillion spending plan will hit economic output, hurt savings

Instead of getting actual jobs, these Green New Deal Hall Monitors would be deployed nationwide to engage in unspecified “green” tasks. A stated purpose is to promote the “outdoor entertainment” of the nomads.

Maybe they knock on your door with a clipboard and ask you to wear a sweater instead of heating your house enough.

Youth in the Climate Brigade will receive taxpayer-funded housing, transportation, and health care, possibly even uniforms.

Democrats also want to make sure they are unionized. Perhaps not by chance, these union outstanding Democrats will find their way into the coffers of Congressional campaigns.

Anti-tax group report warns $3.5 trillion spending plan will hit economic output, hurt savings

2. Fake News Tax Handout for Journalists in “Local” Newspapers 750 employees

The proposal creates tax credits for “local newspapers” with up to 750 employees—a largely left-wing group of workers.

It gives a payroll tax credit for journalists of up to $12,500 in quarterly pay per employee.

This is the amount of reporter tax withholding $1.3 billion. Most newspapers in the country have fewer than 750 employees, so it would be a shovel of money for long-established dailies as well as weekly left-wing “alternative” papers.

Imagine the outcry if Republicans try to make a special tax cut just for talk radio hosts.

Conservative Group Launches Multi-Million Dollar Push to Detail Dames’ $3.5 Trillion Spending Plan

3. Tax Credit for $8,000 “Electric Bicycle”

The bill creates a 15 percent refundable tax credit for “electric bicycles.” Credits of up to $1,500 for electric bicycles that cost $8,000 per bike.

As a reminder, a tax credit is a dollar-by-dollar reduction in your tax liability. The Joint Committee on Taxation estimates that this provision alone is equivalent to $7.4 billion.

If you are a “local reporter” And This is your lucky day for “e-bike” in the market.

4. Solar Subsidies to “Promote Environmental Justice”

The provision gives solar tax credits to select sectors to “promote environmental justice” in which “the Secretary of Environment Justice allocates solar capacity limits.”

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5. Tax breaks for elite, well-funded private universities

The bill would potentially reduce the excise tax on investment income of private colleges and universities to zero, depending on the amount of financial aid their students provide. In particular, universities that can offer a lot of grants and scholarships are usually the universities with the largest endowments, such as Harvard and Yale.

it connects to another $2.3 billion.

6. Tax Credits for “Environmental Justice” Programs

$1 billion refundable tax credit for the University “Environmental Justice Program”.

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7. $10 Billion “Green Workforce” Tax Credit

Democrats Allot $10 billion In a section titled “Investing in the Green Workforce,” it includes a number of specific credits, including $400 million for “green” projects in “automotive communities.” Automotive communities are defined as communities that have “experienced major job losses in the automotive manufacturing sector” – made possible by larger government policies.

8. $15 billion for “green” doors and windows

This bill increases the $500 lifetime cap on the non-commercial energy asset credit to a . will replace with annual $1,200 credit. This credit allows up to $600 for “energy efficient” windows and skylights and up to $500 for doors.

9. Big Labor Tax Break

Union owners can more easily inflate membership costs because the cost will be partially hidden by the new above deduction of up to $250 in “dues” to a labor organization. These dues will again find their way back into the treasury of the Democrat political campaign to elect more Democrats who will increase the size of the DC bureaucracy. Rinse, repeat.

10. Tax credits for contributions to university “research infrastructure projects”

Democrats are building credit for public universities’ contributions to “research infrastructure projects.”

Most Democrat tax planning (high business tax) will slow growth and make us uncompetitive with China and Europe. The items above are shameful examples of corporate welfare, cronyism, and corrupt political payoffs being traced back to the US tax code. Chicago style politics is playing with billions instead of millions.

Grover Norquist is the president of Americans for Tax Reform.